Vw builds cars again in the us

Volkswagen will build a work in Chattanooga in the US state of Tennessee and take the vehicle production there until the beginning of 2011, the rally of Wolfsburg carmakers today. The first expansion stage becomes an annual capacity of 150.000 vehicles designed and according to VW includes a complete production with body construction, paint shop and assembly.

The first vehicle is to run a "for the US market mad-made middle-class sedan" from the band. In the medium term, VW in the Chattanooga site wants around 2000 employees directly to work directly, further workplaces should be created for example with suppliers. VW boss Martin Winterkorn sees a "milestone for our growth strategy" in the construction of the new plant. By 2018, the company wants 900.Substance 000 Volkswagen – For comparison: The Volkswagen Group sold about 330.000 cars in the US, just under a third of them fell to the brand Audi.

Volkswagen has no longer been represented with its own work in the US since 1998. But the framework conditions have changed since then. The factory will vw "relieve sustainably of probation fluctuations," says Martin Winterkorn. In addition, the brand was perceived as a domestic manufacturer from the customer’s local customers. Currently, a Euro is worth about $ 1.60, for German manufacturers is thus the export to the US little lucrative.

The car maker from Wolfsburg does not work too many risks with the new work: the company meets with its "mab-made middle-class sedan" on a market that changes rapidly. The US customers leave spritwressing SUVs links, US automansager doubt their entitlement. GM Europachef Carl-Peter Forster, in mid-June, was "hard times for automotive industry" and stressed the need to develop new drive concepts with high investments.

The highly indebted Group will not be easy to put the necessary investment in the domestic market. VW has it easier in this regard and can also benefit twice as a result of the probation advantages. The company could not only assemble European technology on-site favorable – it’s also the possibility of importing models to Germany built in the USA as well as Mercedes and BMW already do now. From Manager’s view, that’s almost a necessary scenario, even if VW does no hints in this direction.

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