Vw awards internal environmental prices

Volkswagen has on the 12th. July for the fourth time employees with the internal environmental price excellent, which have a special way for environmental protection.

The first prize went to the Zwickau plant, in which team of plant engineering and plant engineering have developed a system in which the abermeence is no longer dispensed for afterburning into the atmosphere, but serves the heating of the tidal wax reservoel in the paint shop. Representing Mario Korner and Peter Muller accepted the price.

The idea of Dirk Puschel, in the recovery of raising to use course OLE from renewable raw materials, was honored with second place. The idea from the Kassel site will be promoted at other locations due to its role model function. In this project, the groundwater and soil protection is in the foreground.

For the development of the 7-speed double-clutch transmission DQ200, Dr. Ansgar Damm, Wolfgang Voge, Georg Kruse, Rainer Hofmann, Andreas Rockke, Jorg Fahrand, Bernd Cappelmann, Thomas Kumbein and Michael Schafer awarded a special price. The DQ200 will be offered from the end of 2007 and allow one by up to 10% lower consumption compared to a manual switching gearbox. According to VW, the required amount of gearbox could be reduced, which will not be changed during the entire life cycle of the gearbox. An application of the DQ200 is provided in the torque range up to 250 nm in the polo, golf and passat series.

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