Vw: almost all models for e10 fuels suitable

The discussion about the suitability, especially old gasoline for the new E10 fuels, strains waves that will not be donated so fast. Although the VDA tried to bring the publicity and only goes out of a few affected vehicles, but now it is probably really going on: the car manufacturers will go to train to train and in their own interests possible exactly, at which cars the customers are true SUPER Plus need to refuel because they do not tolerate the ethanol share of 10 percent.

Now Volkswagen has published an official list of vehicles that are not suitable for E10 fuels. First of all, vehicles of the Volkswagen brand, except for a few exceptions, are suitable for operation with the planned E10 fuels. The use of these new fuels, which may be contested for new legal regulation up to 10 percent of ethanol, is therefore easily possible. According to the planning of the Federal Government, these new fuel varieties should be from 1. January 2009 to be offered at German gas stations.

According to the new fuel grades normal E10 and Super E10 for vehicles with FSI motors of the first generation, VW are not suitable for vehicles. This concerns some vehicles of the models Lupo, Polo, Golf, Bora and Touran from the construction periods 2000 to 2004, in single traps until mid-2006. These vehicles have to recharge the variety Super Plus E5. As a reason, the manufacturer indicates that fuel-carrying components, especially fuel high prere pumps and fuel rails of these engines, can be dropped when using the new E10 fuel varieties.

However, according to VW, these vehicles are not a disadvantage, as for these vehicles is provided for the use of super-plus fuels anyway. In this regard, VW is indeed in a gantner situation as many other manufacturers, since the FSI "skimmed motors" were designed with coarse load coarse part on Super Plus. Nevertheless, for some customers the question remains open whether for the "coarse part" just does not apply. For them, VW currently equips his handlers with lists that accurately shows which engine is installed at the customer, and whether a change to Super Plus is necessary.

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