Volvo xc60: with front drive into the model year 2010

Volvo xc60: with front drive into the model year 2010

Koln, 6. April 2009 – Volvo sends the XC60 with new engines and upgraded equipment in the model year 2010. For the drive, there are now two diesel and a gasoline for selection. In addition, the SUV is now also available in a version with pure front drive.

New basic model

The introduction to the model offer is the course of the XC60 2.4D Drive Dar. With this comes a new 175 hp diesel with 2.4 liters displacement for the wake, which allows a tip of 205 km / h. The first XC60 is the 2.4D also with pure front drive consists. In conjunction with a six-speed manual, the vehicle should only consume 6 liters per 100 kilometers. Optionally, an adaptive six-speed automatic is available. The hand switched variant stands with 32.900 euros in the price list and is exactly 1000 euros cheaper than the previous entry-level model, the all-wheel drive XC60 2.4D AWD with 163 hp. The latter remains on offer.

Lace diesel with more horsepower

New top model at the self-words is the modified D5 variant with now 205 instead of previous 185 hp. A funfzylinder self-condition is used with a maximum torque of 420 Newton meters and a highest speed of 210 km / h. The consumption estimates Volvo to 6.9 liters per 100 kilometers. The XC60 D5 AWD starts at 37.300 Euro.

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