Volvo shows the v60 as diesel plug-in hybrid in geneva

Volvo shows the v60 as diesel plug-in hybrid in geneva

Koln, 27. January 2011 – With the Volvo V60 as plug-in hybrid with diesel engine, the Sweden show at the Geneva Motor Show 2011 (3. to 13. Marz) One "Serious version" Your mid-range combination, which will come to the market in 2012. Volvo has conceived the car together with the electric company Vattenfall.

E-motor on the rear axle

The front wheels are driven by a funfzylinder turbodiesel with 2.4 liters capacity, which brings it to 158 kW (215 hp) and a maximum torque of 440 nm and connected to a six-speed automatic. The rear rollers are driven by an electric motor with 51.5 kW (70 hp). Volvo calls this concept Erad (Electric Rear Axle Drive). The motor is fed from a lithium-ion battery with a capacitance of 12 kWh. A concept comparable to Erad had already introduced PSA and Bosch in 2008.

One before the comma

In pure electricity, the station wagon should come up to 50 kilometers. As standard consumption Volvo gives 1.9 liters per 100 kilometers – according to a CO2 outlet of 49 g / km -. similar to the discussion about the "true" Consumption of the Chevy Volt or Young in the consumption data for Volkswagen’s new diesel hybrid study XL 1, the sprit consumption in practice is significantly departed from the respective driving profile and the CO2 balance is influenced by how the electricity is generated for the plug-in hybrids.

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