Volvo s80: more all-wheeling variants and new engine

Volvo s80: more all-wheeling variants and new engine

Koln, 11. May 2007 – The Swedish car manufacturer Volvo expands the model range of the S80. The flagship all-rounded for the model year 2007 is now relevant in two additional variants with the four-wheel drive AWD. This was previously reserved for the top model S80 V8 AWD. For the art, he will also perform his service in the S80 models D5 AWD and T6 AWD. With the latter, the Swedes send a new turbo gasoline into the race.

S80 D5 AWD with diesel engine

The S80 D5 AWD is powered by the well-known FunFliter common rail diesel with 2.4 liters of displacement and 185 hp. He has a torque of 400 Newton meters. Thus, the 220 km / h of fast diesel allradler in 8.5 seconds from zero to Tempo 100.

S80 T6 AWD with turbo gasoline

In the S80 T6 AWD, the latest member of the Scandinavian Motor family is used. The three-liter turbo gasoline engine makes 285 hp and mobilizes a maximum torque of 400 Newton meters. That this is already available from 1500 tours is anything else than a gasoline engine. So motorized, the T6 AWD should sprint out of the stand to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds.

Turbo petrol engine on the suction motor base

The turbomotor is based on the aluminum 3.2-liter six-cylinder suction motor, which has been offered since the market import of the S80 in 2006. The capacity of the turbo aggregate reduced by 200 cubic centimeters results from a smaller cylinder diameter and a short stroke. A two-plant turbocharger should compensate for the smaller engine volume. He waits with two separate channels for supply of three cylinders each. This so-called twin scroll technology allows the use of a more compact loader with a short reaction time known from double turbochargers.

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