Volvo c70 2.0d: driving report according to the facelift

Volvo c70 2.0d: driving report according to the facelift

Bonn, 23. Marz 2010 – After a long and hard winter, the cabriolets are back to the strain picture. Bonn on the Rhein offered no spring-shattering temperatures yet, but it was enough to the overworked Volvo C70 2.0D can also be open.

New front

Volvo has lost its convertible to the new year extensively. Particularly striking are the changes in the front area, which points to the Volvo S60 with their newly designed headlamps, which comes first in the summer of 2010 on the market. At the rear LED jerk lights now warn the traffic. The trunk lid falls very roughly, because the three-piece folding roof with a heatable slice must find space. With 200 and 404 liters, the trunk is coarse enough FURS small luggage, especially in the case of open hood but only materally usable. If you can do without the back seats, there will be another way to transport items. Especially since the stay behind on long-way tours with open hood because of the turbulence is not necessarily a pleasure.

Stroll instead of lawn

The C70, which we drove, had a common rail diesel with 136 hp two liters displacement under the hood. That harmonizes well with the dual-clutch transmission called "PowerShift" with six steps. Even in the interior of the C70, a lot has happened, among other things, in the form of redesigned instruments, which, however, are not always optimally read. In the category "Already, but rather impractical" also falls the brand-typical center console that seems to float freely, but with very many small plugs overload.

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