Volkswagen works on an electric one-seater

Volkswagen works on a single-seat, extremely economical electric car, such as Corporate Research Chief Jurgen Leohold Financial Times from 21. August said. The vehicle should be in conjunction with a "Full service package" be offered, which also pays electricity from renewable energies.

According to Financial Times Should the one-seater be presented in the next few weeks, so probably on the IAA. Volkswagen, according to the report, attaches importance to an offer, in which the well-to-wheel balance is correct, because the CO2 outstanding depends clean, "What kind of electricity you put into a car", said Leohold. Critics can handle that the CO2 balance of an electric car does not rely on when the electricity is derived from coal or gas power plants.

Leohold did not call any technical details, but energy efficiency should be better than, for example, those of the prototype XL1, which, thanks to the E / ECE / 324-101, comes to a consumption of 0.9 liter diesel in the measurement cycle. To what extent he "the type of electricity" involves the calculation, remains to be seen.

The single-seat concept justified Leohold simply with "physics". Because a lighter and compact cars are naturally needed while driving less energy. Nevertheless, the vehicle is not intended for the long-distance, "Most motorists were preferable to rides of rides greater cars". But that also speaks that the one-seater manages with a comparatively compact battery, which may even be allowed an affordable price.

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