Volkswagen sued to 8.2 billion euros compensation

In the exhaust scandal at Volkswagen, the number of damages complaints of investors in Germany has risen to around 1400. Overall, the bugs demand about 8.2 billion euros from Volkswagen, shared the district court Braunschweig on Wednesday. Investors require compensation for the high price losses that they have suffered in the course of the affairs to manipulated emission values.

The complaints are amongwichingly for private investors. In addition, added complaints of institutional investors and an investment company. Last week, it has become known that, among other things, the US fund group Blackrock wants to proceed in court against Volkswagen. Also the Federal States Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg and Hesse have filed a lawsuit. They demand a total of 5.8 million euros. The US has sued the autoconzers in Braunschweig to 30 million euros in damages.

The result is about whether the Group has been in good time after the scandal of the scandal in September 2015, of its obligation to provide information is in good time. Volkswagen had only informed days after the disclosure of the fraud surveys over threatening financial consequences. The compensation lawsuits of the investors should be negotiated all tiedenced in Braunschweig. For this purpose, a so-called pattern proceedings are sought before the Higher Regional Court, which should start early in October 2016.

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