Volkswagen: shutdown device in the ea288?

Volkswagen: shutdown device in the ea288?

Volkswagen also installed a shutdown device in the diesel engine with the designation EA288 with the exhaust standard Euro 6? Of the Sudwest radio (SWR) had reported about the reference to internal documents of Volkswagen. The Group denies that in a first reaction now vehemently.

Nothing illegal?

Volkswagen has not incorporated in newer cars with diesel engine unimpaired shut-off devices for manipulating the exhaust values. According to the current state, "nothing illegal happened," said a group speaker of the DPA. He reacted to a report of the SWR, after which in newer diesel engines with the exhaust standard Euro 6 a so-called "Proustsis detection" is installed.

A VW spokesman explained, it is not forbidden to determine so-called "carvings". Certain properties of a car are set so, which can be recognized in principle, whether it is currently in a prudent. However, these attitudes were not used to influence the exhaust aftertreatment. Notes that such a thing could have happened, you have not. On demand of SWR If the Group even went a step further: Vehicles with the diesel engine EA288 contained "no cycle recognition" and therefore no inadvertent shutdown device.

Already in the fall of 2015, shortly after the announcement of the exhaust gas fraud with the engine EA189, the suspicion was revived, also the newer EA288 of manipulations were affected. At that time, Volkswagen "According to Greater Exfection" came to the conclusion that in both EA288 variants – whether with Euro 6 or Euro 5 – "no software is installed, which is an inadvertent shutdown device in the sense of legislation". The SWR now relies on internal Volkswagen documents from the end of 2015, in which I will describe in detail how a "cycle recognition" functions in the EA288.

Detection is allowed

At the exhaust fighters covered four years ago in the USA, which has already costed the Volkswagen Group many billions of euros, it is purely technically concerned that the prudding recognition, which is not illegal for himself, was used for a manipulation of exhaust aftertreatment. That is not allowed. The scam was revealed because the exhaust gas values determined on the prouval status on the strain under no circumstances.

[Update: 12. September 2019; 13:00 ‘O clock]

According to the knowledge of the Federal Ministry of Transport, the Volkswagen Group has no illegal shutdown facilities in the engine software new diesel cars. "The Federal Office has already carried out its own quantities, investigations and analyzes in 2016," explained the Ministry on Thursday (12. September 2019) and referred to vehicles with the type of engine EA 288. The premieges against Volkswagen are "not new". But: "Inadmissible shutdown devices could not be determined – not even in shape of inadequate cycle recognition."

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