Volkswagen: piech brings winter grain successor to the game

The power struggle in Volkswagen guided leads back to. VW Supervisory Board Ferdinand Piech tries according to coordinating information dpa and the NDR, CEO Martin Winterkorn Even before the Annual General Meeting on 5. May leave. Piech makes himself strong for Porsche boss Matthias Muller or Skoda boss Winfried Vahland as a possible successor, won it on Thursday.

There are trials that the decision of the Supervisory Board of Supervisory Board of the past Friday "should be undermined", but he struggled with people who are familiar with the matter. Last Friday, the VW Supervisory Board Professional Board Winter Grain had initiated and confessed whose contract should be required by the end of 2016. The committee is a central power factor in Europe’s big car manufacturers.

After this NDR-Report liked Piech even before the VW Annual General Meeting the Supervisory Board on his candidate and remove VW boss winter grain at short notice. It’s open whether to enforce smeller or Vahrand, bothered it. According to information of the dpa On Wednesday on Wednesday, Piech’s Family Piech and Porsche in Stuttgart. There, the VW Patriarch Piech (78) should have supported support for his plan, to enforce Vahland or Muller as successor to winter grain. Whether he succeeded, was first not to be experienced. Ultimately, to prevent wool privately, to lose the power poker again in the Prasidium of the VW Supervisory Board.

First, for the powerful VW Supervisory Board, the first round in the power poker in the lead tip seemed to be lost in the power peak – a for him unusual flap. Just under 14 days ago, Piech had with a quote in mirrors (I’m on distance to winter grain) from board boss. But despite the public attack, Winterkorn (67) remained as VW boss in office. At a crisis meeting of the Supervisory Board Prasidium last Thursday in Salzburg was there dpa-Information 5: 1 against Piech.

The Prasidium had detected, winter grain is the "prolonged" board leader. The Prasidium will propose to the Supervisory Board to tackle winter grains contract in his February session next year, striking it. That was a defeat for Piech, which is isolated in the lead body, as several persons trusted by the passes in Salzburg dpa confirmed. However, they already stressed that the last word in the matter was not allowed to be spoken.

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