Volkswagen id charging day

Volkswagen id charging day

The countdown runs: In the Fruhsommer 2020 the delivery of the Volkswagen ID begins.3, the first battery electrical car based on the modular electrification body (MEB). For the base price of 29.900 euros Receive the buyer a 48 kWh (net available: 45) rough battery; Daruber rank the versions with 62 (58) and 82 (77) kWh. Volkswagen has now announced as part of a "Charging Days" how the Wolfsburger introduces the charging infrastructure.

On the vehicle, so much is known, the charging power with alternating current (curted AC for Alternating Current) should be at 11 kW and with DC for DC for Direct Current) at 100 to 125 kW. Under the umbrella of the newly grounded brand Elli – that stands for Electric Life – are offered, among other things, Wallboxes for the private home garage as well as for corporate clients. The basis is a simple 11 kW box that should be particularly inexpensive. What exactly does that mean, Volkswagen does not say. It is speculated about a three-digit price including assembly. There is also a three-phase Elf KW Wallbox with 4G connection. This will be interesting, among other things, if the ID.3 Web service and bidirectional can not, which should not be possible from the market launch, but in the production history.

The first product of Elli is already obvious, namely "natural stream". Volkswagen is aiming for both the driving and production energy for the ID.3 to provide self with zero gram CO2. At the beginning, the acquisition of certificates will be necessary because the production in the supply chain is not continuous with Okostrom. In Germany, the proportion of renewable energies in the electricity in 2019 is around 47 percent.

100.000 charging points – GEMAB coalition agreement

Volkswagen currently goes from about 20.000 public charging points in the Federal Republic. Here both AC and DC locations are calculated. Already in the next year, so the plan, it should "GEMAB coalition agreement" over 100.Be 000. To rely on political agreements is unrealistic. As a matter of principle, Volkswagen as a large carconzern in the world can dust a higher market print as a manufacturer who are less prusser in the EU.

Access to the columns receive the driver over the brand WHEELBARGE. Differences to competition This side of Tesla does not exist: Initially, the app or chip is unlocked; In the medium term, the process should be automated via plug Charge drain, so simple as on Teslas supercharger. The necessary standard ISO 15118 already exists, but it haps it. Volkswagen is first 36.I000 public charging points in their own handlers in the EU. For this purpose, the company wants to the German locations of Wolfsburg over Zwickau to Emden until 2025 4.Create 000 charging points.

Border scenario holiday start

A deficiency is obvious from today’s perspective at the DC locations: Although every day, new fast souls are built throughout Europe. However, typical holiday scenarios will cause the system to cause. Example of Hamburg: There is deviating from other federal tandames the so-called ski holidays. If at a Saturday morning beginning Marz break up several hundred families towards the Alps, the inevitably, the boundaries of the concept leads in mind. Although almost all tank are Rest locations along the A7 motorway equipped with DC chargers, but this is far from. It remains to be seen if the expansion to load parks after the model of Tesla manages or whether bottlenecks remain in the form of queues.

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