Volkswagen: historian grieger has to go

Volkswagen: historian grieger has to go

Volkswagen has finished cooperation with his chief historian Manfred Grieger. He had criticized a study as an expert in a trade magazine, the Audi had commissioned the own procedure Auto Union and its entanglements during the Nazi dictatorship with the Nazi elites. It was also involved in a colleague of Griegers at Audi. Grieger attests the factory craftsmanship, narrowed views, lucky handling with sources and blurred in the language. The study lacks it impairment. Grieger sees "argumentative turns", the "a defensive attitude" suggested.The conflict was so stated that a continuation of cooperation for both sides seemed impossible.

From insider circles it is called, not the critical content of Griegers Review is exclusive for the humbleness. Accordingly, Volkswagen was cold corn by the explosive of the review. Grieger had to tune better, one of the premieges has succeeded. He was free in his scientific work, but must not think of his employer. Corresponding conditions for its art procedure should have rejected the researcher. In some companies of the Auto Union, according to the Audi study, a sixth of the workforce from KZ sticking lets should have passed temporarily. Audi took the analysis two years ago as an opportunity to adapt representations for the Nazi among his transaction. Thus, about texts in the company museum and the Internet had been changed, a spokesman had explained at that time.

In the review of the VW chief historian, it now won, the study did not underclaim "relations with the Nazi elites by the Richard Bruhn, William Werner and Carl Hahn", but this aspect "in importance". The Volkswagen core brand VW had already examined his own Nazi history in the 1990s. The Group also participated in the foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future" Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future" Foundation, which, until 2007, paid about 4.4 billion euros to nearly 1.7 million former forced laborers of the Nazi dictatorship. The money came from the economy and the federal government.

The Compatible Council, which influenced in the Volkswagen Group, has referred to the finished employment transaction of VW chief historian Manfred Grieger as a juffing for the company. "We regret that Mr. Dr. Grieger from the company leaves and keep this for a mistake, "said a spokesman for the employee representatives of the dpa. "We as works council also put on the advice of Manfred Grieger."Grieger had his doctorate on the VW forced work. He applies in the area as a leading scientist. Corporate Communication Chief Hans-Gerd Bode had thanked the historian on the weekend "for his work done in recent years". According to a group speaker, the reason for the separation is a different understanding of cooperation.

Grieger was head of historical communication, he came to VW in 1998. The learned Buchhandler received his doctorate in 1996 on "The Volkswagenwerk and his workers in the Third Reich". His tasks supporters advocate Archivarin Ulrike Gutzmann. The historian explained upon request, he does not take a position and referred to the Press Office of the Volkswagen Group. The explanations at the weekend, the reason for the separation is a different understanding between Grieg and Volkswagen on the cooperation. Group communication leader Hans-Gerd Bode thanked the historian "for his work done in recent years".

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