Volkswagen has a report on the near piech outlet

Volkswagen has denied a report on an allegedly rapid rezug of the Group Patriarch Ferdinand Piech in Unusually sharp form. The 76-year-old VW Supervisory Board reported in the matter even personal word and crafted, he still stayed in the usual function on board. The cover is the title story in the Handelsblatt from Friday, which reports on a nearby staff conversion to the tops of the Supervisory Board and Management Board. Accordingly, piech for health reasons the guidance of the control panel "in the next few months are very likely to give". VW boss Martin Winterkorn will succeed Piech. For Winterkorn in turn, its previous financial boss Hans Dieter Potsch will look at – but only transition times until a young successor. The newspaper relies on its sources on corporate circles and pigeon.

"With reprint" Wies VW Communications Chief Stephan Gruhsem the report back – and explained that the opposite explained: "Prof. Dr. Ferdinand K. Piech is with the best health and remains a long chairman of the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG. Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn will still remain long CEO of Volkswagen AG. Thus, all other speculation."Piech himself said the news magazine mirrors On Friday: "Totgitten life long."With a view to the near Messe IAA next week," I look forward to the consolidated evening in the run-up to the IAA next Monday, where I will participate as a chairman of the Supervisory Board in the future."Piech is always present at the Messe reception in front of the press days.

The VW traditionally powerful employee representation also rejected the report. "The story is nonsense. And it’s a mess, 550.000 people of a global corporate to unsettle and cause the company to malface, "said Group Cooperation Bernd Osterloh of the news agency dpa. There is no reason for discussions about an alleged stool. "Volkswagen currently has the best top of the global automotive industry. And it still stays long, "said Osterloh. He is looking forward to the Group Energe, which he looks like as usual "with our Chairman of the Supervisory Board".

Winterkorn’s contract as Chief Executive Officer in Germany’s big industrial group continues until the end of 2016. The birthplabe is 66 years old, Piech is ten years old. This is considered as a power center of the Group, which he owned himself as the board of directors from 1993 to 2002. Piech comes from the Porsche family, which has more than half of the Porsche parent company than half of the voting shares at Volkswagen AG and thus to say that. A direct change from winter grain to the Supervisory Board litaway is purely legally possible, if a proposal had the prere coverage of more than a quarter of the shareholder.

About the succession of Winterkorn / Piech has been talked in corporate circles for a long time behind held hand – but with a temporal horizon over winter grains at the end of 2016 expiring contract. These are more than three years. VW wants to pass to Toyota and General Motors at Last 2018 and become world-growing car manufacturer. The goal is as a cure for Piech’s life’s work, which was crucial by VW. The Borse reacted unimpressed on Friday. The preferred shares of Wolfsburg noted with slight growth in a total positive environment of the 30 heavyweights in the DAX.

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