Volkswagen: battery cell production in salzgitter?

Volkswagen ranged in the course of his conversion the entry into a mass production of battery cells in Salzgitter. The crafted works council Bernd Osterloh on Tuesday (21. February 2017) on a business meeting in Wolfsburg. Volkswagen had announced to massively develop the electromobility. So far, battery cells are produced as an important component especially in Asia. The expansion of the electromobility was also agreed part of a "future pact" at VW, the management and employee representative.

Osterloh said loudly: "The future pact also belongs to the test of the production of battery cells in the industrial mabboat. In a second step, in Salzgitter, the entry into the mass production of battery cells is planned, as far as this is economically portable."In the presentation of the" Future Pact "in November 2016, it had gashes, the VW engine plant Salzgitter has good chances of making the art of producing battery cells for electric cars. When expanding the electromobility are many jobs in the production of classic internal combustion engines on the cant.

Osterloh also demanded more efforts of politics in the requirement of electromobility. "For example, I think of the charging infrastructure. Since the Federal Government can be a bit more active when it comes to me."As a reason for the sluggish demand for electric cars, there is also a hitherto missing, flat-covering charging infrastructure.

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