Volkswagen and toshiba cooperate with electric drives

Volkswagen and Toshiba today signed a joint disorder appreciation. The aim of the two companies is the cooperation in the development of electric drives and the appropriate power electronics for the planned "New Small Family" of Volkswagen. In addition, VW and Toshiba want to develop drive batteries with high energy density for "the next generation" of electric vehicles.

According to VW boss Martin Winterkorn, the car maker drives the development of plot drive technologies in many fields with high prere. In order to further consolidate the "strong position" of the company, VW invest sustainably and offer other companies cooperations. One of the most important building blocks in this endeavor is the cooperation with Toshiba. The aim of VW is to offer as the first manufacturer to provide emission-free, affordable and secure coarse solution for electric vehicles. Until then, however, much research and development work is necessary. This is mainly due to lithium-ion battery technology, where VW besides Toshiba with other partners. From the point of view of Toshiba, so the company leader Atsutoshi Nishida, there is a for both sides advantageous partnership. The common know-how of the two international technology companies will be an important step – towards vehicle techniques of the future.

Already on the 23. January had the Braunschweiger Zeitung reported that a Battery Research Center of VW and Toshiba is to be created at the Braunschweiger Research Airport. A few days before, the boss of the newly grounded Toshiba batteries division, Shoshi Kawatsu, said in an interview that the Group is planning a joint venture with a car manufacturer. According to "reliable information" of the newspaper, this is Volkswagen.

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