Volkswagen and bosch: comparison of us court

Volkswagen takes another hurde in the US lawsuit about manipulated exhaust values. The state judge Charles Breyer approved on Tuesday (14. February 2017) Inlet a comparison to the securitization of around 80.000 owners with diesel cars from the Volkswagen Group. Even an agreement of the supplier Bosch with US plagors agreed to the judge lead. Final decisions are supposed to be final for a final depreciation on the 11. Fall in May 2017, until then you can still be collected.

Volkswagen is ready to pay up to $ 1.2 billion in the compromise. It’s about jerking, conversions and reductions in diesel cars with three-liter engines developed by Audi. This increases the sum for DieselGate comparisons in North America to a total of $ 24 billion. At about 480.000 smaller cars, the Group had already become a billion compromise with US plagors.

The cars affected by the youngest comparison are expensive cars of Volkswagen Group’s brands – Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg and various Audi models. For 20.000 alter vehicles must be offered to customers in addition to securitization payments. At the remaining 58.000 CARS Received the Group’s chance for technical recovery.

The premier approval of the court is a "further important milestone near Volkswagen’s chief for reparation," said the company. The agreement offer a fair solution for customers in the USA. In a North America, Volkswagen is bothering against reductions so far, but there are also numerous complaints of affected customers in Germany. In addition, investors complain of alleged market manipulation. The Group rejects these allegations.

The software for fraud came from the supplier Bosch, which was also charged in the US procedure. In order to enclose the legal dispute, the Stuttgart takes a payment of $ 327.5 million (308.6 million euros). The accusation of having worked on the scam, but argue.

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