Visual studio code 1.51 continues work on github pull requests and ies

Visual Studio Code 1.51 continues work to GitHub Pull Requests and IES

The developer team responsible for Microsoft for the SourceCode Editor has version 1.51 submitted by Visual Studio Code. The October update has new features for the workbench as well as the terminal ready. The work on the extension GitHub Pull Requests and IES will continue.

New for the workbench

For the innovations for the Workbench belongs that attached tabs now always show a needle symbol, even if they are not active. As a result, the pinned tabs should be easier to identify. When an editor is both attached and contained unspecified changes, the symbol must be reflected in both. The SourceCode Editor shows the aid to the extension tree in the new release in the Extension Tree View with the mouse (hover) with a platform towing tilt tips instead of native tooltips.

In addition, extensions can be installed without synchronization, while synchronizing the settings is active. With version 1.51 If the installation of a file with the extension VSIX (Visual Studio Intension Extension) from the Explorer can be selected. Developers must right-click on the VSIX file and the context menu entry Install Extension VISX elections. Also new is the comma workbench.action.Blur, which removes the focus of every focusable input. The command can be assigned a keyboard short in the configuration.

New Local Echo mode for the integrated terminal

If it comes to carrying out changes on the terminal, it is necessary for information to be sent to the terminal process, processed and returned to Visual Studio Code. With a bad connection to a SSH server or code pace, this process can be slow. Therefore, the current release extends the terminal by a local echo mode (Local Echo Mode), which predicts locally made changes and cursor movements and display in the user interface without requiring a trail of the server to the server.

Working to Github Pull Requests and IES goes on

The Developer Team is known to continue working on the Github Pull Requests and IS expansion with the developer to edit, creating and managing developers Pull Requests and IES. The responsible references, interested people who want to be kept up to date on new features and updates, to the Changelog version 0.22.0 of the extension.

The work on the extensions for remote development is continued. This extension should allow developers to use a container, a remote machine or the Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL) as a development environment. Visual Studio Code 1.51 Brings the possibility to maintain terminal meetings or create new connections to them. In addition, the developer team worked behind the editor at port forwarding.

On the long list of innovations of the October update can be found, among other things, the support for the beta to TYPESScript 4.1. Interested parties find more information about all innovations in the advance on the Visual Studio Code Blog.

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