Visual studio 2019 for mac 8.9 is ripe for the first preview of .net 6

Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 8.9 is ripe for the first preview of .NET 6

With a publication of Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 8.9 Gives Microsoft developers for the Apple platform a first outlook .Net 6. The update of the Mac IDE already offers support for the short-mentioned first preview of .Net 6, whose final release is targeted for November 2021. Users of vs for Mac also find advanced functions for carrying out and debugging Unity tests in the new release and a new menu for Quick Actions and Refactorings.

A taste of .Net 6

During the previous release 8.8 At the end of the year 2020 only the complete support for .Net 5.0 had delivered, Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 8 sets up.9 Already on .Net 6, and thus on basic innovations such as the ahead-of-time compiler (as an alternative to just-in-time compiler). The now supported first preview of .Net 6 promises support for the new Apple silicone processors – although the associated runtime environment installers and binaries on the download page are still missing. Until the native support is available, developers must still be satisfied with the Rosetta 2 Translation Layer for Apple’s M1.

Apparently on request of many Unity developers, Microsoft has in Visual Studio for Mac 8.9 Now create the possibility to carry out the unit tests for Unity projects within the IDE. However, the support for the discovery, exports and debugging from Unit tests sets Unity 2020 or a newer version as well as the Visual Studio Editor Package in Version 2.0.7. Only then can Unity projects be opened in the IDE, to see tests and see their results. In addition, the debugger adapted to Unity projects should work even better than before and find unity objects easier. When examining the code on a breakpoint, for example, all objects of the current scene can now be found under the Active Scene node.

New Quick Actions and Refactorings

In the course of the work to improve the accessibility of the IDE Microsoft leads to a new menu for Quick Actions and Refactorings that enable in the settings under the entry New Light Bulb to enable or deactivate. The new menu is first marked as preview and appears when developers and developers use proposed code corrections or refactoring on their code. Ripe for the seasonal programming work, however, some new Quick Actions and Refactorings – including IntelliSense Completion for Preprocessor symbols. Quick Info will now display the IDs of compiler warnings or numbers for vacuums.

Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 8.9 is ripe for the first preview of .NET 6

New Light Bulb: The new Menu for Quick Actions and Refactorings is still in the preview phase.

Among the other innovations in Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 8.9 are still worth mentioning a new XML editor, support for Solution Filter (.SLNF) and the general availability of Xamarin.Form "Changes Only" XAML Hot Reload. Apps on Xamarin.Forms 5.0 or newer versions goals, use the mode now standard mab.

A complete overview of all improvements and new functions in the update of the Mac IDE summarizes the blog post together. The latest version of Visual Studio for Mac is now available for download.

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