Vision of a former nobel brand

Vision of a former nobel brand

Pebble Beach (California), 19. August 2013 – The splendor last day is a bit faded, but Cadillac wants to mix in the upper class in the upper class. Although the Nobel brand emphasizes in the presentation of the Elmiraj Concept study, that it is only a vision. But many things suggest that some details will be found in a production model.

Lighter than a CL 500

The Elmiraj continues history, which started with the convertible study Ciel of 2011. Like the Ciel, the Elmiraj also has perpendicular luminaire slots. They fall much narrower than the vertical lights of the current models ATS or CTS. The barbecue, however, does not wear beaded lips as the Ciel, but holds optically back. A new, simplified Cadillac coat of arms praises on the gross, black cowy grille. The Elmiraj is watched with 22-inch bars and coarse ceramic brakes.

The two-right design study is a slightly long with 5.21 meters than a Mercedes Cl 500. The subject of lightweight construction the Americans have snapped some prioritat. The study around 200 kilograms lighter than the CL 500. As that was achieved, Cadillac does not mention. The car is powered by a 4.5-liter Twinturbo V8 with about 500 hp and about 680 nm maximum torque. The machine should be technically closely related to the Twinturbo V6, which provides 420 hp in the CTS VSPORT. The study also relies on rear wheel drive.

2 + 2-seater

Despite over five meters of body length, the Elmiraj is only a 2 + 2-seater. For turning up and out of the fund insides, the front seats drive around 25 centimeters forward, even the rear seats come towards the beginnings ten centimeters. The rear seatrests can be adjusted in the inclination. Illuminated titanium bars pull on the dashboard and then along the treats. They separate the camelled leather from the panel from Brazilian rosewood underneath.

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