Vision autonomous driving takes shapes

The driver reads newspaper, writes e-mails, stop a nap – and the car drive fully automatically by itself on the highway. "In 10 to 15 years this will be reality on many routes", said the Prasident of the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), Matthias Wissmann, the news agency dpa in Berlin. It should be possible by a "electronic band", In the cars virtually "wrinkle". In addition to the future of electromobility car-it is the central theme of the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) in September in Frankfurt (12.-22. September)

"Which was still completely unimaginable a few years ago, it soon jerks in tangible", said Wissmann: "That you probably check in 10 to 15 years on certain German motorway sections into an ‘electronic band’" and then the next 300 kilometers in the "electronic band" Ride and while his office work makes, texts writes, phoned and sleep. And if you like out of the electronic band again, it just goes by clicking. That’s the vision of car-it. On the way there you will see a lot in Frankfurt on the IAA."

That "electronic band" is an IT system in which the cars are completely networked, via electronic sensors in the car as well as the guardrails and limiting posts on the highway. The cars drive both succinctly, as lined up at a pearl row, always with the right distance from each other. Smartphone and car had to be seen as an integral unit. The spab at driving thirst but not lost. "If I’m on the busy route from Stuttgart to Ulm in 2030, I fend myself to the electronic band, and when I come to the Allgau and the route is free, I drive myself again", said Wissmann. Autonomous driving reduce stress and also traffic jams. "The traffic becomes more economic and okological."

Prototure for the auto industry Konnen Apple. "I believe that the smartphone generation is concerned about the topic with the idea of mobilitat with digital funds. Since one can learn from certain developments in very different industries. That’s the Apple example", said Wissmann. "The art of Apple and the success until today is the combination of excellent technology, easiest usability and emotional design." Especially the German carmakers had rough opportunities. "We have to play the advantage of having the most prestigious car brands in the world. But even the ages have to serve the technology."

However, the automotive industry has a wide way to break. Although the number of assistance systems is steadily increasing, but complicated networking is not without risk. On the one hand, the risk of a defect is rising at old cars. But then, however, could not lead that "self-standing" Car is suddenly unpredictable. The second aspect is that the systems are protected from hackers. This is currently not an ie, in not too farther future, however very well.

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