Virtual chemnitz linux days 2021: the program is online now

Virtual Chemnitz Linux Days 2021: The program is online now

"Just make it different!", The organizers of the Chemnitz Linux days thought and decided to relocate the popular community meeting under this motto into the World Wide Web. Now the program for this is on the 13th. and 14. Marz took place on online event.

2020 were the Chemnitz Linux days failed due to the coronavirus pandemic. This year, the organizers have redisposed: unlike the previous years in which the central Horsaalgebaucke of the TU Chemnitz served as the venue, the workshops take place this time as a videoconference. Presentation and presentations are transferred via video stream. For discussion and exchanges, the initiators set the Open Source product "Big Blue Button".

Free lecture and workshops

The virtual visitors expect one according to the general motto rough topics around Linux and Open Source. among other things, the areas of online communication (videoconference, groupware, instant messaging and co.), Web and software development, kernel, administration, monitoring and IT security. There are also maker and social topics at the event plan.

There are also 12 workshops, which, in contrast to the submission, however, must register in advance, as the number of participants is limited. Topics include gaming, python and scratch programming, creating scrubbers with special software under Linux, an introduction to latex, as well as managing servers with an insulible.

Two of the workshops (scratch, gaming programming) are aimed at the already known from previous years "CLT Junior"-Program specifically at children and adolescents. Registration deadline for all workshops is the 7. March.

ProgramUview Chemnitzer Linux Days 2021

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