Veritas rs iii: the eifel renner goes in series

Veritas rs iii: the eifel renner goes in series

County-Gelsdorf, 21. October 2009 – The sports car manufactory Vermot AG is located in the tranquil Hugelland of the Eifelauslauer, where North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate meet and Bonn is not far away. Non-terrain, at best, the county of gold juice comes in the meaning, which is actually braced into the neighborhood – but not necessarily a super sports car like Veritas RS III. 507 hp strong, 347 km / h quickly and in less than 3.2 seconds from zero to Tempo 100: These are the corner data of the racer, which is now placed in a small series. The flounder should continue the short success story of a small racing car forge after over 50 years.

Only 97 centimeters high

After a prototype of the new Veritas had already been presented in 2008, now the slightly changed again, but still pretty spectacular series variant. The particularly lightweight carbon body of RS III is only 97 centimeters high and offers purebred racing car proportions. At first glance, there is only room for the driver, which also has to do without a windshield. Before the pilot pulpit is just a small Plexi­Glass­Hood mounted. However, there is also a passenger seat that can be obscured.


The actually exciting on veritas are not numbers, but his dared design. The face of the Veritas reminds of a shark, with the grill as a mouth and the xenon double headlights act as eyes. The side skirts are swung inwards, the rear with slot-like backlings is leaving with upwardly directed stainless steel exhaust pipes. Behind the driver’s seat there is a surprising ball, in the center of the vehicle is a towering back level attached.

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