Veritas: comeback of a legend with the rs iii

Veritas: comeback of a legend with the rs iii

County Gelsdorf, 20. May 2008 – The German economic miracle had not yet come into progress, because the racing car manufacturer Veritas already came from the economic. In 2000, the coarse name lived on the food Motor Show in the form of a prototype called RS III in the short term, built the study hinted with a BMW-V12 front engine then not first. For another eight years, it took up until the vertices of VERITAS RS III, which is to be produced in a small series from the end of 2008, were announced: 4.99 meters long, 1.97 meters wide and just 97 centimeters high are the mabe of the uncompromising racer.

M-Power for the super athletes

The updated catch of the extreme sports car sees the 2000er study not only extremely similarly, even in the drive technology exist parallel: is planned to overall the Veritas of the year 2008 with BMW engines. In the light of the endless long hood of the flounder, it does not seem to be outstanding that there will be either a V8 or a V10 from BMW to his work. Anyway, Veritas calls 600 hp as a planned highest capacity.

With helmet

This power should catapult the light athlete at a maximum of 347 km / h. About the wheel of RS III was allowed to start dramatically in the Vmax Spharen: A true windshield does not have the silver flask namely. Instead, there’s a small plexiglasheast in front of the pilot pulpit, which is so small that it protects highest the steering wheel in front of the wind. There is no information about the price. The car arises, however, in handmade and in a small series of about 30 stucco. And because the manufacturer as a target group the "Acting clientele" Chambering has, the RS III was not allowed to be a special offer.

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