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Environmental and traffic safety associations demand the introduction of a speed limit of 130 km / h on German highways. "Germany must finally have a series in the circle of those civilized on the straws," said the business drivers of the German Environmental Help (DUH), Jurgen Resch, on Thursday (11. April 2019) in Berlin. The Federal Republic is the last flat state with North Korea, Somalia and Afghanistan without general speed limit.

In addition to the DUH also, the Union of the Police of Police in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Traffic Accident Lecturer Germany, the Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany, the Okological Traffic Club and Greenpeace. The carryingout is about climate protection: With a speed limit of 120 kilometers per hour, according to the Federal Environmental Agency, three million tonnes of CO2 have been saved a year – the DUH even goes out of funf million tonnes.

The police union is promising from a speed limit significantly less accident dead on the highways. In Danemark, Austria or the Netherlands, this was to be observed, explained the state chairman of the trade union of the police NRW, Michael Mertens. ", Free trip for free burgers’ is a schoner saying," he said. "But the freedom of the individual must not affect the security floral and the freedom of all people on the highway."

The claim of the federal interest is directly directed to the "Climate Acinette" called by the Federal Government. On Wednesday, the state ministers had been tagged for the first time and agreed a timetable for the development of climate protection measures. By the end of May they should provide proposals, as Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze said. The SPD politician had recently shown open for a speed limit – in contrast to Federal Minister of Transport andreas Scheuer (CSU), which has categorically excluded a speed limit.

"In terms of general highest speed, I advise Andreas Scheuer and the Union urgent to an update," said the green politician Cem Ozdemir on Thursday. "Has the Union turned off its blurry tubularity for a moment and look around, she will find that the demand for a speed limit is now from the center of society and is borne by a broadband."It’s going to quickly implement climate protection for zero tariff and, above all, to save lives.

Consent gets scrubs from the rows of the FDP. "The old demand of a speed limit on German highways is pure symbolic policy," said the transport policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, Oliver Luksic. Environmental connections and green were happy to work out at the car. The Automobile Club ADAC criticized, the covenant asked with its demand a polarization of the company in climate protection in traffic. That is "overflowed, as an agreement of politics is already listed on alternative and better measures to reduce the CO2 outskirts."

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