Verband: truck satella to become a good meter long

In order to also transport coarse containers without special permit, the total length required by 16.50 meters should be prescribed for saddlebirds "maid" expand. This is calling for ADAC and the Federal Association of Good Power Transport Logistics and Disposal (BGL) in a joint explanation. The interest associations talk about 1.35 meters by 1.35 meters for a diary. So that a semi-trailer came on a total length of 17.85 meters. Truck with trend, so-called links, can already have a total length of 18.75 meters.

The new long fixing should facilitate the transport today to a transport container. For example, a semitrailer then could two "Interchange" Type BDF C745 with a long of 7.45 meters each or a 45-foot or 48-fuB container with a long of around 13.72 or 14.63 meters. For this purpose, according to the information of the BGL according to the current legal situation, a complex approval is required.

So-called Gigaliner or XXL trucks with a long of up to 25.25 meters, which the Federal Government wants to test in a new field trial, on the other hand, after consultation of ADAC and BGL for safety reasons, are not suitable for the entire strain network. For this reason, according to the two associations, special requirements must be made to the field trial. In a joint letter to Federal Traffic Minister Ramsauer (CSU) and the Secretary of Transport of the Federal Stands, ADAC Prasident Peter Meyer and BGL-Prasident Hermann Grewer urge the focus of the field trial on questions of traffic safety and the traffic flow.

It was problematic, in the opinion of the association for the XXL trucks, especially in local passes, circular agents, intersections or railroads. In addition, the traffic flow should be examined by comparative rides and experiments. Another focus of the test should be on the vehicles and the drivers themselves. For example, the long trucks should be equipped with emergency brake assistant, electronic stability program (ESP) and tracking warning system; The drivers should have proven to be particularly reliable.

In recent months, several federal standards, including North Rhine-Westphalia, had pronounced Baden-Wurttemberg against the field trial intended by the Federal Minister of Transport, and their participation rejected.

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