Vencer sarthe: flinker flachmann

Vencer sarthe: flinker flachmann

Nijverdal (Netherlands), 13. June 2012 – In addition to auto romests like Donkervoort or Huet Brothers, Vencer is one of the addresses for vehicles that can not be found at every corner. Here is the model Sarthe. His design should be at the race cars of the "Le Mans"-Ara of the 1980s leaning.

1.19 m high

Vencer (Spanish: Siegen) manufactures the Sarthe in hand. His body sits on a light hybrid space frame chassis made of steel. The safety chaff and the rear frame consist of chrome-molybdan steel, the floor from an aluminum wave body. At the body, the Netherlanders put on carbon fiber. The long of 1.19 meter flat flounder amounts 4.51 meters. Ready to drive the 1.98 meter wide Sarthe 1390 kilograms should weigh.

326 km / h fast

Behind the passenger compartment sits a V8 mid motor whose force is managed on a six-speed gearbox. A blocking differential should provide for more traction. The placement of the motor leads to a weight distribution of 45:55. So it’s a bit more weight on the rear axle. There, the Sarthe also has to offer more GRIP: 510 hp and 650 nm torque should generate its engine. To the displacement or any charging or even the manufacturer of the engine Vencer dearly elicited nothing else. Maximum the sports car is to race 326 km / h quickly, for the sprint from zero to 100 km / h, the Netherlanders give a time of 3.8 seconds.

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