Vdi: do not sign china with e-mobilitat

The Association of German Engineers (VDI) has warned that China’s development of electromobilitat. "The Chinese copy not only, they have excellent developers," said Wolfgang Runge, head of VDI congress electronics in the motor vehicle today in Baden-Baden. The way to e-mobilitat is "still long," emphasized Runge. In order to be competitive, the German companies had to strengthen both national and international cooperation. Only then could development times and costs have been reduced.

Uniform standards, especially for high-voltage batteries and the loading interfaces, are important prerequisites for acceptance for acceptable customers, striking it. The ease of operation and a coarse range of vehicles are also considered other important customer charters. In the models developed so far, they are only partially fulfilled. The congress in Baden-Baden is according to VDI with via 1300 participants the world’s largest symposium on the E-Mobilitat. 105 exhibitors show their developments.

In the past few months, among other things, the boss of the semiconductor manufacturer Infineon, Peter Bauer, as well as the Association of Electrical Engineering Electronics and Information Technology (VDE) complained that in the People’s Republic or in the US, significantly higher claims for the development of electromobility are provided as in this country.

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