Vda writes iaa nationwide as a mobilitat fair

Vda writes iaa nationwide as a mobilitat fair

The Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) has given a new concept of its last weak trade fair IAA car and also called into question the previous location Frankfurt. The car fair must convert into a comprehensive mobility platform.

So it went on Friday (22. November 2019) at the association in Berlin. According to VDA, the Cities Berlin, Munchen, Frankfurt, Koln, Hamburg and Stuttgart are involved in the invented tendering. With further applicants you are in conversation.

The interest in the IAA, which has so far, after all two years was recently recently broken. Also the number of exhibitors sank. In 2019, VDA visited around 560.000 people show the show in the exhibition halls. In 2015 you had 932.000 Visitors paid.

The surcharge will be granted in the first quarter of the year, the association shared with. It is aware that this results in a very close schedule for the coming IAA in autumn 2021. Unclear was first, for which time span the award should then retain validity.

The VDA requires a loading infrastructure

The association requires its own organizational concept and investment from the municipalities and trade fair companies – for example in electrical charging infrastructure. In addition to the classic fair with congress offers, the auto industry introduces a coarse flat with test trails and courses. Visitors should experience, for example, automated cars with alternative drives or new mobility offers in practical tests can be experienced. Also sales exhibitions the VDA wants to allow there and thus a demand of different manufacturers.

Between the fair and the new event area, the VDA is said to be a "adventure axis", on which various vehicles of exhibitors, autonomous mobile and public transport could be traveling. The industry wanted to support the organizing municipality to develop a forward-looking mobility concept.

Individual applicants showed optimistic to make the race. Frankfurt as a previous location is also rusted for a renewed IAA. MAN CONNE Numerous Urban places for additional events offered, explained the urban Economic Decor Markus Frank (CDU). In Hamburg, the trade fair company referred to the ITS World Congress for intelligent traffic systems, which is planned in 2021 in the Hanseatic city with several projects.

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