Vcd waives list of cleanest cars

Berlin, 16. August 2016 – The Transport Club Germany (VCD) renounces this year on a ranking of the most environmentally friendly cars. This is a consequence from the exhaust scandal. For the car environmental list created since 1989, secured data is necessary for consumption and exhaust gases. "That’s currently not reliable," said VCD board member Wasilis from smoke on Tuesday in Berlin. "We can therefore not make a unrestricted recommendation."

It can be speculated about what the club has ultimately held the club, not quite easy to suspend sophisticated ranking for at least one year. Although the grounds mentioned in the press release sound quite plausible at first sight, but are consistently not new.

For his previous ranking, the club did not make it easy: CO2 outset (60 percent), Larm (20 percent), humans by pollutants (15 percent) and nature (5 percent) were evaluated with a maximum of 10 points. For the CO2 outstall, the NEFZ was based on the larm the driver’s rush, in the pollutants particles to 50 and for NOx and NO2 to 25 percent each. In the evaluation "Load of nature" again flees the NOx quantity.

Economical cars front

In the car environmental list, especially those models land far forward, which consume little fuel. In the past, the VCD has been trimmed to the values revised and published by the Motor Transportation Office. From the point of view of the VCD, the Federal Office and the Federal Ministry of Transport, however, "failed in the control", as the transport policy speaker of the VCD, Gerd Lottsiepen said. The VCD has already known that automakers had credited emission and consumption values. "But we did not disagree in which abroad some manufacturers with even criminal energy false."

To give the faith, this is difficult in particular in terms of consumption. The fact that the requirement catalog for the currently applicable "new European driving cycle" (NEFZ) has been broken down with an immense expense of the industry under shelling is just as little as the VCD thesis that in consumption and CO2 outstall the scissors between manufacturer’s information and reality in recent years has continued to deal with. That the lights found are used for lower consumption data, hardly surprises, it is about billions for the auto industry.

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