Vcd environmental list: hybrid and natural gas cars top

Vcd environmental list: hybrid and natural gas cars top

Berlin, 18. August 2009 – Since 1989, the transport club Germany (VCD) is aimed at current car models according to their environmentally friendliness and has now presented its environmental list for the twentieth time. In it, the ten most environmentally friendly cars are harvested again. In addition, the association lists the best models from his view in the categories compact class, family cars and seven-seater as well as the cars with the lowest CO2 outstand.

Toyota Prius at the top

Among the ten currently cleanest cars of all classes find seven Japanese and three German models. Very good places have once again achieved hybrid models, some of which are new on the market. The absolute number one is like in the previous year of Toyota Prius. But this time this time is the new Prius III – the process of goods according to VCD this time only ranked 3th. The Prius is followed by the city of Toyota IQ with 1.0-liter gasoline engine and another hybrid model, the Honda Insight. While consuming 4.4 liters half a liter more than the Prius, but is also about 5000 Euro favorable.

Compact class, family cars and seven-seater

While the top ten of Japanese brands are dominated, there are also several models from the VW Group like the Golf 1 in the compact class.6 TDI BlueMotion. Similar to the family cars, defined as a car from 4.20 meters long with five sites, at least four treats and 400 liters of trunk. Among the FUF best seven-seaters are no asians at all. Three of the FUNF cars are vehicles with natural gas drive.

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