V10-biturbo for a limousine: audi rs6

V10-biturbo for a limousine: audi rs6

Ingolstadt, 12. August 2008 – those who provide the performance data of the Audi RS6 Avant with his 580 hp biturbo-v10, but who do not want to move partout in a station wagon, audi promises in short remedy in the form of the same strong limousine. Their turbocharger duo is solely responsible for the maximum torque of 650 Newton meters, which bears from 1500 to 6250 rpm and thus almost over the entire speed range is available. The sedan accelerates 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds – that’s a tenth of faster than the station wagon. Your electronically limited highest speed of 250 km / h can optionally be raised to 280 km / h.

Especially flinke Tiptronic

The six-stage Tiptronic belongs to the new generation, which uses particularly fast gear changes. By election lever or with the paddles on the steering wheel, the driver can determine the switching time themselves. The Tiptronic leads the engine moments to a quattro drive, which is lightly laid back. As with the station wagon, the Stobdampfer Control Dynamic Ride Control (DRC) is used, reducing nick and rolling movements. The DRC is on request through the sports suspension plus with a three-stage steamer setting.


The ESP of the fast limousine has relatively high intervention thresholds from home. Who wants, but can also switch to a sports mode or completely disable the electronic stabilization system. The RS6 rolls on 19-inch alurades with tires of dimension 255/40. The front brake discs have 390 millimeters in diameter. At the front axle, six-piston solid saddle made of aluminum are used, which are painted black and decorated with RS emblems. The rear axle slices have a diameter of 365 millimeters. The rear axle brake saddle are executed as a single-insulated floating saddle. The steel discs are floating stored; Together with the coarse skool canals and the axial perforation, this increases their performance and lowers the weight. On request, 20-inch riders are offered. They allow the use of a ceramic brake system.

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