Update fur box relay: automate business processes with templates

UPDATE FUR BOX RELAY: Automate business processes with templates

New automation and digitization functions Old processes promises box as part of an update of its relay. The latter is a workflow software for business processes that run in the cloud and intended for internal corporate use as well as for several companies.

Process templates for all company departments

On the one hand, Box now offers templates for different departments of a company, for example the personnel management, press work or sales. These are in turn divided into specific processes such as the incorporation of new employees or the surviving new contract. Box indicates that although these processes between different companies hardly distinguish themselves, but in many cases still on the paper or e-mails. On request, users can customize the relay templates, but also refer references to further internal content or assign people to a task.

In addition, Relay processes can now be controlled automatically by external documents. If a seller, for example, highlights a new contract, can transfer box metadata in the process to assign the previously defined employees of a task and assign a deadline to the responsible manager. All these conditions can still be defined in advance, uploading a file only represents another starting point.

In addition, from the point of view of a Relay Process, several files can now be treated as a file to ensure that, for example, deadlines and employees do not pay multiple times. Details about the update Find readers in the associated blog entry. Box presented Relay for the first time in 2016 together with IBM, publicly available is the cloud application since 2019. It is included in the Licenses Business Plus and Enterprise, in starter and business, however, is missing.

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