Uighurs against han

At the riots in WestChina, at least 140 people came to life

According to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, the unrests broken on Sunday evening in the city of Urumqi over 140 dead and more than 800 injured people demanded. 57 of which were dead in the stake in the city, the rest died in the hospital. In addition, Uighur chaotes have to be put on 261 vehicles, including 190 buses, but only two police vehicles. After leading information, 203 stored and 14 apartments were destroyed.

The cause of the riots is an incident in the other end of the country and relatively developed province of canton, from which there are different representations, leave the questions open. It is clear that there driven there a toy factory incidentally 800 Uighur guest workers – alleged to meet a demand of the central government, to adjust more relief of minorities and thus reduce the income differences within China.

On 26. June came in the area of this factory to violent conflicts in which two Uighurs died and supposedly injured over 100. While China Daily presented the incident as an act of a Han-Mobs, who had been tested for the worse of a fired worker, only Become, the Uighur head of government of the Autonomous Region Xinjiang, talked on Monday "sexual attack" of a Uighuren on a Han worker who had drawn the conflict.

As a result of the events in and the taught from the canton was called in Urumqi for Sunday evening to two unpregnet demonstration on the Volksplatz and the Sudtor of the city. At eight o’clock in the evening local time, one hour after the official start of demonstrations, in the heping-strain from the crowd out of first passers-by and vehicles have been damaged.

Eiggents in Xinjiang

Thereafter, the violence obviously spread quickly: Xinhua reported that violent dates had been rendered with knives, wooden bullets and stones armed businesses and put on fire. At 10 o’clock young mans should have distributed chops, with whom they then hunted for Han Chinese.

According to Huang Yabo, the Deputy Director of the City Security Burus, it should be about Han’s dead and injured persons. However, there are only partial information about the exact ethnic composition of the dead. Thus, the Volkskrankenhaus reported that by 291 in a row of the riots were registered persons 233 Han, 39 Uighuren and the rest Hui, Kasachen, or more religious other minorities.

The police arrested several hundred people, of which a dozen as a cyclist. After 90 other suspects is being daughtered. For this purpose, the security authorities built both in Urumqi themselves as well as in the city of Changji and Turfan strain barriers. For the investigations, about 100 in public service, Uighuren, should come from the surrounding area to Urumqi, where they are used as an interpreter.

Striking is how Xinhua and the places quoted by the news agency emphasize the role of the internet in the conclusion of the riots: so it should not only be the one of the "mental" Authority at the Krawallen accused separatist organization World Congress of Uighuren Your abstract calls, "brave" to be and "a little rough" to do to have spread over this medium, even the concrete demonstration calls should be run over forums. In addition, several videos has been circulating since the end of June, which showed alleged violent scenes against Uighur guest workers.

Asgar Can, a functionar of the World Congress of Uighuren, In the Bavarian Rundfunk, an authorship of the dead and hurting. According to him, the demonstrators could not have been separatists because they had peeled Chinese flags. He sees the causes of the protests instead in an insufficient retirement breaking of the forelament in canton. To the "escalation" In his opinion, because the police wanted to survive the rallies forcibly.

The Uighurs

Uighuren are a turkvolk of about nine million people who lives almost exclusively in the extremely dry and dunnied autonomous region Xinjiang. There they finish just half of the population, with their settlement focus in the Budwest. Although they could almost double their number in the last 50 years, their language is taught in the schools and there are Uighur newspapers, bookers and broadcasters, they became the group of "Threatened Volker" recorded. As a buried, the Chinese immigration is caught in the autonomous region that focuses on the east and the coarse city.

In the sources, the Uighurs dive for the first time in the 4. Century after Christ. In the confrontation with the godturks, a realm, whose center was in today’s Mongolia. Nestorian Christianity, Manichaism and Buddhism spread in him. In the 9th. Century was smashed by this Uighurenreich of the Kyrgyz. There are two smaller states in today’s Xinjiang and one in the province of Gansu. In Gansu, Uighuren went on in the local population. By contrast, Uighient States in Xinjiang were in Mongolian dependence, but could preserve their linguistic peculiarity. As the then Buddhist Idicut Salendi Center of the 13th. Turned in the century and beheaded, the Sunni Islam increasingly sat down in Xinjiang. In 1771, China was able to recall the area, which had already dominated before the Uighuren’s settlement,. Now it got his today’s name, which surveys "New border" means.

After the internationally composite and financed "Mudschaheddin" In Afghanistan the Russians were distributed and the government had toted, they partly started Uighur separatists in nearby Xinjiang. Since then there is terrorist. According to Chinese information, it should have given 160 dead in the 1990s. Preferred victims were at that time Uighuren in high administration positions and Imams that accused to work with Beijing. But also buses were blown up in the air. In 1997, the separatists even succeeded in an explosive stop in a busy shopping district in Beijing, who had only succession injured and property damage.

In the run-up to the Olympic Games in Beijing, the meantime reduced terrorism activities flared over again last year: Chinese security faith highlighted, among other things, a Uighur terrorist group, which allegedly planned to blow up an airplane. At 4. August was totated in the city of Kashgar 17 people and 15 injured. The taders were gastled with a mulleast in a group of police officers who had just completed their early sports had thrown grenades and attacked with knives. Six days later tried separatists, with self-built pipe bombs in several superm markets, hotels and administrative center in the city Kuqa in the southern Xinjiang.

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