Uber stops contentious service uberpop in norway

Uber relies on its controversial service overpop with private individuals as chauffeurs in Norway. Wool to wait until there are new legal foundations for the industry, the driving service intermediaries declared on Monday. The Norwegian capital Oslo was one of the last places in Europe, where the service was still operating, which had provided for heavy conflicts with taxi industry and authority. In Germany or France he had been set to court judgments and should not come back.

In Norway, the legal situation has been unclear since the start of Uberpop three years ago, explained over. That’s why the service is now as a sign of change from over to the 30. October stopped. With the expensive offerings and uberxxl, the start-up from San Francisco remains prasent in the market. Uber hopes that a reform of legislation services such as UberPop are admitted. In Finland, Uberpop was exposed to new regulations in 2018 until the entry into force of new regulations.

Uber fights against the exile from London. The local authority of the British capital accuses the US company to act irresponsible and to hover the public security. The new Uber boss Dara Khosrowshahi tries to find a solution in direct talks. He dissocated himself from the aggressive growth strategy of his transaction Travis Kalanick, in whose ARA is often over-applicable rules for the commands of tracking.

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