Uber employees want ex-boss kalanick back

Uber employees want ex-boss kalanick back

The above-co-primer Travis Kalanick continued to give strong jerks in parts of the workforce after a series of scandals from the boss. About 1000 employees of the driving service mediator, shortly after his jerking, supported a call to bring back the 40-year-old back to the day.

Kalanick can still be developed to develop the lead, which needed and is "crucial for our future success", it is called in the e-mail to the Board of Directors, which, among other things, the news website Axios published in the night of Friday. The initiative came the New York Times According to a UCR Product Manager, who was once posted as a school leaving person of Kalanick at the age of 18 years.

About 14 has about 14.000 worked – the drivers offering their services on the Uber platform as a defined entrepreneur, are not considered in this number.

The lane support for the petition in the Uber workforce occupies how gross the challenge for Kalanick’s successor or successor. There are massive changes in structures, drain and corporate culture. And Kalanick, who does not actually refuse, but wanted to pacify investors with a permanent break, will look at the shoulder from the Board of Directors. In the supervisory board, its warehouse has the control thanks to shares with high voting rights.

As a potential successor, Facebook Manager Sheryl Sandberg was traded over the past few days, which is considered the architect of the business success behind the vision of the Grunder Mark Zuckerberg. But in US media it quickly won, she was not interested. In addition, names of ex-Ford boss Mark Fields and two former "crown prince" fell, which did not come to their company. Both Thomas Staggs at Disney and Nikesh Arora went to the Japanese technology group Softbank because the chiefs remained long as originally planned at the top.

Kalanick had prompted this week after asking him Funf Uber donors who had about 40 percent of the voting rights asked. Uber had been entangled in a series of scandals and legal problems over the past few months. An inquiry committee to prompted sexism and discrimination found engraving deficiency, the Google sister company Waymo throws over the use of her stolen robot car technology and the US judiciary determines because of the experiment to exchange control inspectors with a wrong app version.

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