Two new polo special models of volkswagen

Two new polo special models of volkswagen

Wolfsburg, 13. May 2008 – With two special models Volkswagen expands the offering range of the small car. Auber the special edition "United" are now also the Polo models "Black / Silver Edition" and the "GT Rocket" with Sportive Equipment Details can be ordered.

Black-silver from 13.800 euros

The "Black / Silver Edition" offers 16-inch alloy wheels, air conditioning and a CD radio. In the interior come a leather steering wheel, a black headliner and dashed side windows back and a dark rear window as extras added. The special model is offered with four OTTO and four diesel engines. As the name implies, it will be black, black magic, reflex silver and silverly in the paintings, black magic, reflex silver and silver. Prices start at 13.800 euros.

Compact rocket

The polo "GT-Rocket" should convince through a youthful-research design. Thus, fog lights, a sports suspension, a roof edge spoiler and light metal roller the small car visually a sporty note. In the interior, a new fabric design on the sports seats are provided in front, colored vaulted fibmats and the also with colored seamed leather steering wheel for variation. With the polo "GT-Rocket" there are two otto and three diesel engines to choose from. The entry starts with the 80 hp thick 1,4-liter gasoline for 16.875 euros.

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