Two favorable mobile navigation gates in comparison

Two favorable mobile navigation gates in comparison

Hair, 5. October 2007 – Mobile navigation gates are already under 200 euros. But no-name offers do not convince everyone. Good that there is also less trademark manufacturers for around 250 euros. We have tested two of them for them.

Maestro, the new Magellan series

Our first test candidate is the Maestro 4010 by Magellan. Who persecuted the Navi scene for a few years, knows the company Magellan from the partially unusually shaped roadmate advised – and of outdoor guides. With the Maestro series, the US manufacturer now introduces a new Geratgeneration. The helper suddenly succeeded: The Maestro 4010 we tested is quite appealing with its quite rough display and the simple, slender design. Even the holder completes its purpose well; The pretty heavy device can easily be found and clipping.

Navman F50 with 3.5-inch display

The competitor Navman F50 is therefore very different. The display is only standard with 3.5 inches. The bracket integrates a Bluetooth hands-free system with additional buttons as well as extra speakers. The suction cup attachment is slightly chunky. The sound of the language instructions is by no means brilliant despite the external loudspeaker, on the contrary: the announcements blades tinnures and Dunn. So this point goes to Magellan, because the Maestro sounds clean clean.

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