Twitter boss absign digital copy of first tweet

Twitter boss Absign Digital Copy of First Tweet

Shortly before the 15. Birthday from Twitter auctioned the co-reason and today’s boss Jack Dorsey a digital copy of the very first tweets. Although the buyer is in principle acquires only one electronic signature, while the Twitter message continues to be available for all online, the highest bid was 800 to Saturday.000 dollars (671.300 Euro). Dorsey wrote on 21. Marz 2006 "just setting up my twttr" (approximately:"I’m just setting my twttr", How the platform should originate).

Authenticity by signature

The Twitter boss sells the copy as a so-called NFT (non-fungible token) whose authenticity is secured with the blockchain data chain of the crypto preservation Etherum. The blockchain is basically a database that saves all transactions with a digital article and distributed to many computers in the network, which makes it false-proof.

Currently experienced NFT a small boom. Signed digital works of art were sold in part for several hundred thousand dollars.

Pictures for the tenth birthday of Twitter 2016:

Ten years in tweets

Twitter boss Absign Digital Copy of First Tweet

number 1

Everything started at the exactly ten years ago with the first tweet, sent by Jack Dorsey.

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