Turkey: militarputsch officially finished

Although the Turkish government presents thousands of suspects, many questions remain open

In a public speech, Minister Prosident Binalı Yıldırım explained the coup attempt on Saturday afternoon in Ankara FUR. The government has the situation under control again. Despite this clear announcement, there are no answers to the most trailing questions, Z.B. According to the coups of the coup, according to the causes of the same, as it could be possible to end the coup so fast, why the governing party AKP (party for justice and development) seemed so well prepared, and certainly not after the consequences of this bloody night. Not even the question of whether it will ever give answers to all these questions can currently be answered with certainty.

So the question marks stay in the head, which can not be solazed even the media, the impressions of a breathtaking night – and the conjunctive. Much seems possible, only secure certainty we do not have. All explanatory attempts are based on guesses and speculation. Safe is only one thing at the moment: much blood has flowed, many heads will roll, but the coup attempt Prasident Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not hurt.

Turkey: MilitarPutsch officially finished

The MOB raged on the soldiers on the Bosphorus Brucke

Erdogan and how he sees the world

Already at night, Erdogan presented himself as the coarse firefight – but who never came to the near the fire. Sultan has firmly under control his Tayyipistan (Deniz Yucel, World). According to his reading, parts of the crowd started a coup attempt – officed by his political adversary Fethullah Gulen, who has lived since 1999, after breaking with Erdogan, in the USA. The pututary part was only a minority. It is due to this circumstance and the immense wisdom and prudence of the Sultan and his observance that the coup could be depressed within a few hours.

The briefly disappointed army guide is back in office and became scarce 1.600 militarane miniatures have been arrested and about. 3.000 judge, u.a. the top courts of Turkey, dismissed from the service.

The parties involved in the coup had to be punished accordingly hard, explained Yıldırım. Why about the re-implementation of the death penalty must be considered. This was in August 2002 from the Turkish Parliament due to international prere after the arrest of the PKK driver Abdullah Ocalan on 15. February 1999 and been abolished for the EU recording criteria. Since then, death sentences are converted due to terrorist offenses in lifetime prison sentences. Like u.a. In the case of Ocalan, which has since been imprisoned on the prison island Imralı. However, the decision of Parliament applies "in peacetime". And it is probably not a rough art to write peaceful intentions to a coup attempt. But there we are again at the conjunctive and in the realm of speculation.

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