Trump’s website: blog is gone again

Trump's website: Blog is gone again

Only a few weeks after the start of his own blog – as emergency with a blocking in other social media – Ex-US Prasident Donald Trump says goodbye to the project. The blog area started at the beginning of May on TrumpS website is not long accessible. Trump’s employee Jason Miller confirmed the change on Wednesday on Twitter and indicated that the early US prasident would soon be active elsewhere in social media. He did not do it more precisely.

Shortly before the end of his term in January, the gross platforms Facebook, YouTube and Twitter had banished the US prasident of their pages. The initial design of the US capitol was trusted by Trumps – and that he approved sympathy for the attackers. In addition, Trump had for weeks, that the victory in the prassident election in November was stolen by fraud. Trump’s Twitter account with more than 80 million subscribers had been by far the most important communication channel.

Social media spell

Trump had after the lock of his accounts at Twitter and Co. At the beginning of May, the blog area started on its homepage – titled "From the desk of Donald J. Trump". The blog also reminded of Twitter – but there were only contributed by Trump. His trail could have individual contributions as with Twitter with one "Like"-Hearted and also be notified about new posts. The possibility to comment on Trump’s contributions there, but did not exist.

Last Sunday, a round email had stood at Trump-Streech, the ex-prassident had the blog area the "Hosted return to social media" carried out. Now it’s up. For a long time Trump fueled speculation, he could start his own online platform. There was no concrete but not yet.

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