Trend line

Trend line

Wolfsburg, 12. November 2014 – The bandwidth of the visually landscaped vehicles is now quite rough: from the station wagon without high-level and four-wheel drive to those models, which are actually slightly further than the civilian versions almost everything is represented. The new Golf AllTrack joins somewhere in between. Now betrayed VW, what the fashion golf should cost.

Base: Trendline

The optical ingredients of the Gulf AllTrack of the same ones, with which the Group already equips various, similarly designed models. Alloy wheels in the 17-inch format, unpainted plastic around the wheel run, a difference in "stainless steel optics" (= plastic) and a pair of fonts distinguish the AllTrack from the normal Golf Variant. Add to this is a ground clearance of 20 mm and a funf liter coarse fuel tank. Consumption in the NEFZ rises against the comparable, usual golf variant by 0.3 liters.

The all-track standard equipment is based on the cheapest features trendline, but was a bit expanded: so are ambient lighting, high-adjustable passenger seat, leather steering wheel, fog lights, parking sensors front and rear, climate control and a simple radio series-mabig. To bring a "normal" Golf Variant Trendline on the equipment level of the AllTrack, the buyer had to spend around 2500 euros in addition. The differences mentioned must be about 1500 euros in addition to the AllTrack builders, because it costs something about 4000 euros more.

Currently, the Golf AllTrack is offered only with three diesel engines, which make 110, 150 and 184 hp. The most powerful variant is only sold with the six-speed dual-clutch transmission, four-wheel drive is for all series-mabig – which in reverse locks also the fact that VW is dispensed with a gorgeous version with front-wheel drive, which made some customer certainly. In the coming year, a gasoline for 180 hp should follow. If the Golf AllTrack sells well, are certainly more faint gasoline engines are conceivable.

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