Beijing (China), 17. April 2014 – at the car fair in Beijing (20. to 29. April 2014) The VW Touareg should also be presented in overworked form. You should have improved the suspension. The visible changes are almost as monitorable and mainly relate to cockpit and infotainment as well as the exceptional appearance. But even here you have to look closely to recognize the difference.

Bi-xenon technology comes in series

It is best succeeded in the front area. There you can now see big headlights that will work soon in every Touareg with bi-xenon technology. The optics is added by a barbecue with four chrome lamellas. In the foreseeable future, he was also allowed to serve familyahyliness with the new Tiguan. Last point of the front view is the redesigned lower stobbar area. At the rear, the modifications are significantly discrecute, as the polo, the backlights were also darkened at the Touareg. Inside, among other things, there is a new steering wheel, newly designed turntable and mobile online services including map display by Google Earth.

The serial steel spring chassis was optimized with regard to comfort and agiler steering behavior. Optionally, an air suspension is available, which ensures maximum ground clearance of 300 mm. In the basic version all Touareg over a four-wheel drive with self-locking Torsen-distributor gearbox. Optional is a so-called terrain tech package for the V6 TDI with 258 hp. Here, the Torse Differential is replaced by a distribution gear lined for the off-road insert, including translation stage. Add to this is a up to 100 percent locking central and rear axle differential. The clarity gives VW at 45 degrees.

The garred entity with terrain tech package remains high

In Europe, Touareg customers can choose between three TDI and hybrid elections. The diesel now make 204, 258 and 340 hp, the hybrid tests the system power 380 hp. Series Mabig is always an eight-speed automatic, as well as a previously reserved only the hybrid sail function of the transmission. Up to 130 km / h the engine is separated from the gearbox when the driver takes the fuvy from the gas. Interesting is the engine offer for other parts of the world: So there is a V8 TSI with 360 hp in China and Russia as top motorization. In the summer of 2014, the leveraged Touareg starts in Germany. Prices do not yet call VW, so far at 50.850 euros.

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