To the death of peter w. Protection

To the death of peter w. Protection

Peter W. Protection is dead. The former CEO of Porsche AG is last Sunday, the 29. Deceased October 2017. He became 87 years old. Protection is the savior of the Porsche 911. He prevented personally that Porsche set his most important model 1981.

As a Peter W. Protection to take the CEO of Porsche AG, the company was in a difficult time. In 1980, Porsche had written losses for the first time. In his third week as Porsche boss prevented protection in January 1981 single-handedly the enforcement of the most devastating absent decision of the company’s history. After Porsche AG had written losses for the first time for the first time, the leader of the Management Board Ernst Fuhrmann decided to set the volume model 911 SC in a threading and replace it through the new 928. As a first official act, protection conceded this decision. The success is still right to him.

The German-American Peter W. Protection Strategically rejected Porsche AG. Under his guided, the first full cabriolet of the Elfs was introduced. With the types 944 Turbo, 944 S and 944 S2 as well as the corresponding convertible variants he built the transaxle model series. The ARA protection is also for huge success in motorsport. In 1982 Porsche in Le Mans Porsche occupies the Range One to Funf and won almost all class and special trekse. And in the years 1984 to 1985, Porsche results three times in a row as a motor’s grace of the McLaren team: once with Niki Lauda and twice with Alan Prost. In 1985, Peter W. Protection with the Porsche 959 on the Frankfurt IAA the least elaborate and most expensive series Porsche before.

Protection tripled the sells and drove Porsche back into the profitability back. Funf businesses in a row he could record records around records. But the economic crisis in the second half of the 1980s rally the end of the "Golden 80s": the declining experiment in export business and the associated sales growth in America meant for Peter W. Protection The end of its commitment as Porsche CEO. In 1987 he retired from the company and returned to the US in 1988, where he lived in Naples, Florida, until his death. Peter W. Protection leaves a wife as well as a daughter and two sons.

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