Tilts the “secure bank”?

One week before the referendum in Ireland there are the opponents of the renamed EU-term for the first time in front of the caratures

With 35 to 30 percent, the projection of the opponents of the contract is even relatively clear. However, another 28 percent are still drawing, which will leave the actual outcome of the referendum on Thursday further exciting. Only seven percent stated that they do not want to participate in the vote.

In the representative of the Irish Times on behalf of the Irish Times and by the opinion research institute TNS MRBi, an already long-lasting trend was manifested to a majority change. Alone during the last three weeks, the number of those who want to agree on Thursday for an acceptance of funf percent. And the starting of the camp of those who come with "no" want to vote, not only at the expense of the previously undecided, but also the "Yes"-Whale.

Strikingly, this warehouse change was mainly in the electors of the Social Democratic PAIRTI to Lucht Oibre. There, the contract opponers are now at 47 to 30 percent in depth. Even with the conservative Fine Gael is now a clear majority of 40 to 30 percent against the contract. Only the Wars of the Economic Liberal Fianna Fail and the Green CombaAntas Glass continues to carry out the contract by majority, though here "no"-Warehousing could catch up. The results show a remarkable discrepancy between the electoral and parties, as not only the two latter, but all four parties mentioned, pronounce themselves for the contract and to force the advertising drum for that.

Only funf percent of those, the information, with "no" To want to vote, referred to their votum as a protest against the Irish government. According to a great role of the survey, according to the preservation of Ireland’s selfishness, identity and neutrality. The far most important part – namely 30 percent – but amed that he did not know what the contract brings and not ready to buy the cat in the sack. This makes it possible for a strategy to which EU politicians of the Irish government advised: this should be the "FOCUS The campaign" Generally and not on the contract. To read the bill, the "For laymen largely durable" Most Irish had no time, which is why they at the vote "follow the politicians that they trust."

Prior to the announcement of the survey results, Minister Prosident Brian Cowen had tried to improve the mood in favor of the Lisbon Treaty with unexpected election promises: so he promised that Ireland would benefit his Veto in the negotiations with the WTO for the country "unacceptable" To block results. What he did not mention is that the Lisbon Treaty limits the vetomogies in the future significantly – especially for small countries. Nevertheless, the Irish farmers association recommended after the promise Cowens "Yes" in the referendum.

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