Thunderstorm about the land of mullahs

US: from "IRAQ Liberation Act" to the "Iran Liberation Act"? – Israel determined for attack on nuclear systems

Actually, the mullahs in Iran could delete their beard; A new willing toll parliament since the beginning of this year and no student protests this summer. It had simply laid the final exams on the precare date on which the protests were. The students remained in the guest rooms. A wise, way maaking. But after this weekend, the bearders had to get terrible: it builds tremendous disaster on the Tehran Mullahkratie.

Bush makes the election campaign and the latest findings of the 9/11 Commission’s 9/11 commitment between Iran and Al-Qaeda present welcome templates for an auxiliary thunderstorm, which shows the rising parallel to the propagandadone in the run-up to the Iraq war. In addition, the envision of Israel comes that one is ready to attack and destroy the Iranian atomic reactor in Bushehr from the air. On Sunday, the trial in the Exiliran Sarah Kasemi, which did not survive a prison stay in Iran, has broken down after a prison retention in Iran after a strange course, not only canada arched but also the international community of human rights activists.

Parallel to the propagandadonner in the run-up to the Iraq war

At least eight, if not ten of the aircraft drivers of 9.11., The so-called muscle manners, from autumn 2000 to the spring of 2001, should be unhindered in Iran and away; The border guards should have had instructions from above not to stamp the passe of the warrior’s warriors against the Usus. So they were only transacted. In addition, Tehran has after the attack on the U.S.S. Cole tries to contact the Motage of Qaeda. Bin Laden have rejected a collaboration, because he does not have his Saudi followers and supports "strange" wanted to.

As far as the evaporated essence of the connections between Iran and Al-Qaeda, which was roughly served on the weekend. You have his "Energy" Perhaps on the wrong country, namely the Iraq, it is called suggestive in the report, which the magazine time published at the weekend. The information referred to the leaf of information-friendly sources that have good connections to the 9/11 Commission. Those wants to present their overall results on Thursday of the world substitute and is already advertising a few corners (or maybe everything) of the sensational discovery price that you have announced in Washington for some time: the connections between Iran and Al-Qaeda.

Profitable material for Bush’s election campaign

Once again it’s about evidence, not to evidence, like even the reigning boss of the CIA, John E. McLaughlin, room for. The corresponding information should either come from a VAT with prisoners Qaeda members or from intercepted news, no Tschalaberei, solid material so? The replica of Tehran is ambivalent. One confessed that the muscle manners have passed through the country. But the limits to Afghanistan are long and uncontrollable, one gave way to concern. For this purpose, one again emphasized the determination with which all al Qaeda branches in the country have been identified and dissolved – a distortion probably, an emphase that can evoke doubts on a pure vest.

For Bush offer the "Entertainment" Certainly profitable material for the election campaign. As far as the concrete politics proceeds against Iran, so the Washington Post today, do not love any exact information about it. Sure is just that Bush is now under Hit Print Hour; An exact practicable concept is unknown.

There is no plan, only two camps, diagnosed the newspaper. The one camp is clearly in the majority and aubert very well-known tone: a recent resolution of the representative of the representative of the representatives with a rough majority has the use of "All appropriate means" authorized to climb Iran from making nuclear weapons. The terminology of the resolution – To Deter, Diade and Prevent – was, according to the WAPO, which approves the praemptive use of military power.

"Penalty" against Iran

Another resolution of the Congress is still for the adoption. So far little of the publicity is considered, this resolution aims "Penalty" against Iran. About this resolution will soon be tailored, a rough majority in the congress for that is considered safe; It is hoped that it is still understood by a corresponding UN Resolution.

A Senator, Sam Brownback, even plans to introduce one Iran Liberation Acts according to the model of the IRAQ Liberation Acts. The goals, so congress members, were the same, inelicable regime change

As a representative of the other camp, the more of diplomatic talking hold, the Washington Post quotes only two – after all influential- Council: The Council on Foreign Relations, which in turn has delivered a report on Iran; ProMinentest Member of this Council is Zbigniew Brzezinski. And the Atlantic Council, which Brent Scowcroft and James R. Schlesinger pays to his members who have not yet been awarded as Pacifists.

The Bush government, as long as the election campaign, is hardly a decisive, coharent politics against Iran. The current government does not pay for such a policy, such a high-ranking member of the Foreign Ministry:

What we have is the summation of various partial pieces – a part of nuclear weapons, one for human rights, one for terrorism, one for drugs, Iraq and Afghanistan.

During the dessert, Israel documents determination: According to its own information, the Israeli Air Force has completed its military preparations for a praventive attack against the nuclear plant in Iranian Bushehr. As soon as Russia Iran with fertiles that can be used for uranium enrichment, were supplied by Israel from F-151 Jets, the Turkey overflow and the plant outlined within a few minutes.

Israel’s determination

According to these information to the London Sunday Times, the focal steel was still stored in a Russian harbor. Your delivery was spat in the next year (!) expected. So far, not all financial questions were cliable. From where the cited report but wife that questions "Spat in the next year" be clarified, remains unclear.

However, it is clear from this report, however, that Israel is determined to the beat. One refers to the successful action in 1981 in Osirak, where one is an Iraqi nuclear system in 80 seconds "pulsed" – A surprise attack, too fast for Iraqi airprint. And in view of the more complicated situation of such an attack on Iranian plants, it is also self-confident: calculates with "Wild counteractions", Z.B. The Lebanese Hezbollah, woman, that one had to carry out the operation without the help of the Americans also against their joy and even the opportunities are available, members of the Iranian "elite" as well as Iranian nuclear scientists specifically to dead.

While Bush will force in the election campaign against Iran drumming, a praventive attack against the Iranian nuclear facilities are drawn by the USA narrow limits. For this hour much too much at stake: the fragile relevance in Iraq, the ratio to Islamic composites, the entire role of the US in the Middle East. One has been seeing this as the last proof for Israel and the US to pursue the same interests and the US is very clearly party: the very last rest of creditancy goods. The Israeli government does not have these problems. It’s about – as always – over the whole, overlook.

And for Iran too. At least this sees the Iranian exilblogger Hossein Derakhshan like this:

Nobody in Iran seems to really understand how critical the situation of the country is these days. Complete control over the media by the Hard liner-Conservatives has left the average Iranians totally in the dark over the threat to raise the arrogance of Iranian drivers of national security.

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