Third bataclan attestate identified

San-Bernardino terrorist couple supposedly planned in advance

The French authorities have identified a third assassination, which on the 13th. November at the massacre in the concert hall bataclan was involved in which 90 people came about: media reports that were not denied by the French Minister Prassident Manuel Valls are the 23-year wickerburger Foued Mohamed Aggad.

On the trail, the investigators came to the third tatter by an SMS of the terrorist group of Islamic State (IS) to Mohamed-Aggad’s mother, in which it is called, her son was as "Martyr" died. A match of the TATER DNA with the SMS receiver gave a close relationship. Foued Mohamed-Aggad’s father Said said the newspaper Le Parisien that he did not learn from the participation of his son on the Bataclan massacre by the media. If he knew about the planning, then he had told him for his own statement before he had the act exports. Said Mohamed-Aggad lives separately from his wife for eight years, with the Foued Mohamed Aggad grew up. She should have sent her son money to Syria.

The French nationwide should have settled in 2013 together with his brother Karim and eight other young Salafists from Alsace to Syria. Karim and six other men from this group were arrested and sentenced to prison sentences after returning to France in the 2014 year of France. Mohamed Aggad was not underneath. To the Jihadist, he should have been radicalized by a man named Mourad Fares, which was arrested last year in Turkey. Fares allegedly recruited not only for the Islamic state, but also for other Jihadist groups in Syria. The French Minister of the Interior Bernard Caceuve called him as "especially dangerous".

The two other identified taders of the Bataclan massacre were also French nationals: the 29-year Omar Ismail Mostefai and the 28-year Samy Amimour. Mostefai could be identified by a finger. He works as a backer in Chartres and was known to the resistant for five years as an extremist. Amimour, who comes from the Parisian suburb Dancy, was found in 2012 under terrorium dumbfight when he wanted to leave in the Yemen. In the light of the next, reporting documents and an international arrest warrant could not prevent him.

Third Bataclan Attestate Identified

Selfie of Foued Mohamed-Aggad with Board

Also the couple, which last Wednesday in a disabled facility in California San Bernardino 14 people shot, had radicalized the findings of the FBI after a long time ago – allegedly already before the man and the woman met online. The father of the Tattern Seyd Farook said NBC Today, his son had the ideology of the terrorist group of Islamic State (IS) nearly stood, whose commutures Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Schwager Schuthfeen Malik on Facebook Schwor (cf). San-Bernardino massacre: investigators go from terroreseotive). He is also the fight against Israel "conjured" been. The father tried to give him this according to their own information that Israel in his view "In two years no longer exist anyway" will, in his view, follows from the geostrategic location.

SYED FAROOK took a 28 shortly before the stop.500 Dollar Credit at the Online Bank Webbank.Com. The investigators suspect that he used this money partly for the purchase of weapons. 10.000 Dollars, which he depended at the Union Bank in San Bernardino, according to the TV station Fox, according to the 29 -0th Enrique M. to be flowed to the file situation after the two semi-automatic weapons, the Farook and Malik used in the massacre. Pushing this should have honed the two at different shooting ranges in the Grohraum Los Angeles.

According to CNN, Farook had ever planned a stop in the past, but from its execution, because other terror-shaped were arrested. For this purpose, the 19 bombing pipes found in his apartment, the other materials for bombing and about 5.000 shot munitions fit, which were found in the apartment of the couple. In first media reports, 12 finished tube bombs had been speech. The terrorist group of Islamic state praised the massacre shortly after the act in an audio opportunity as an act of "Soldiers of the caliphate".

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