“There is problem with your surname”

The warning shaft: Let’s live in a climate of industrial repression?

The following hilldropspot is currently working in much of the Republic of Other:

"Hello?" "Woman deep?" "Yes?" "Gives a problem with your surname." "why this?" "Yes. , Deep ‘is’ now reserved in the Duden. For T *********." "Yes and?" "You have to call yourself differently on the phone. Either Muller, Kowalsky or 42." "Yes…" "So, wife deep, who is there?" "Hm… 42?" "Strange name!"

The credits that the prices of the company T ********* are so Tiiiiiief complies with more conventional radio advertising again. Much more exciting is the small monument for Douglas Adams in his death year (life, the universe and the whole rest). Well, actually a good deal: "Deep" is already o.k., But who did not like the meaning of life on the bell shield?

But most of the most interesting is that radio advertising is perceiving a function here, which is actually the policy or the broad political press conveyed, namely misplacing in the broad political discussion to perform.

There are quite legitimate interests to protect brand names. Interests of companies that put good money into the brand positioning, but also interests of consumers who like to have really a qualitatosis product, if V *** stands on the vacuum cleaner or B *** on the waxed country jacket or a ** * on the motherboard.

However, to separate it is the warning awareness that has the crayon of many judicials. Those who had no time to pursue the messages of recent weeks, a small short level of the most comfortable trap: especially the German Telekom has. First she raised her sole representation for the color magenta by warning an online publisher, the ads in magenta switched. Then it should be a small agency to the collar, which has been the name T3 media since 1988 – because "t", Whether rough or small, should be telecomeclusively. Then you saw in the "Black pages", Any German Goth website, a likelihood of confusion. for your own "Yellow Pages". Right, warning. However, this time the Deutsche Telekom has seen the absurd fast shot of the legal department and blown down the whole thing.

Of course, because small businesses (or in the Goth case even a private person) should not be printed by the legal title, but through the sheer judiciary of an industrial designer to the wall.

Even worse, it’s about the trap that Multi-Millionar Michael Schumacher and his lawyer Dr. Nils Harder. Namely, the website of a Formula One fans and Schuler named Michael Stanka, which the URL www.Michas Formula1 Site.de. Well, unlucky for Micha Stankka, "there is problem with your first name. ‘Micha’ is’ reserved now", if you want to combine the warning in general.

The author of this post must now add to our own thing that the website was hosted by the uncle of the Schuler, that is not the schooler, but the company of the uncle was warned. I hopefully I did not give the impression that Mr. Millionar Michael Schumacher became "Arms destitute Schuler" waste. Then I got a warning of lawyer DR. Nils Harder, as Advograf has received one, because you have the "Manageable" Hurt by Mr. Schumacher.

So we can take in rapid steps to the end of the press freedom. If all the companies were removed, whose "Manageable" I injured in articles, then my mailbox regularly clogged. We have the right to a counter-representation, and with a good reason. But where are we going to be punished when unpleasant articles are punished with a cost-reinforced warning? At Advograf you signed, because you have to lose a lot, but had little to win.

Exactly that is the problem – a warning always includes the threat to pay insurities high sums of sums and to engage in readers. Everybody, everyone who has work and hobbies has, has, and who is already involved in a financial risk if he does not have to? Legal departments, on the other hand, have nothing better to do anyway, and some Bose’s voice even means this or that lawyer became a living by serial remedies.

And what makes politics against it? nothing. If you could at least accuse the guys, they only talked, but did not act. But unfortunately we are not even time! Ignore the whole thing simply and do not remember how express and press freedom underholls how the gross unspecified and without fear of consequences can print the little ones to the wall.

Government and opposition rather argue about the Mallorca flights of a rolling defense minister (have politicians "Manageable" – I do not hope, otherwise I’m delivered now). Before the election, Joschka Fischer still pretended that he understands the internet in contrast to Helmut Kohl with the Internet. If so, then that does not have any eye-catching effects. But also nothing better from the opposition comes. The internet paper of the CDU does not testify to competence.

Back to the company T *********. Of course, they do not want to convert the Federal Republic to better, but only their tiiiiiious prizes in the Schadel of the Radiohorer. Behind the most intelligent known radio advertisement, the Stuttgart agency is young V. Frosted.

The PR department of T ********* Demonstrated fiercely all together with Douglas Adams or even the warning shaft. As far as the animer is already going to do not dare to confess to obvious things. Let’s live in a climate of industrial repression?

Incident is T ********* "The price-mounting organizer for family-friendly travel in the Mediterranean", colloquially mallorca discounter. And there is an uneasant idea in my brain: how was it when we send our love of Minister to a discount holiday to Mallorca, it is known to be in the Mediterranean. With the money we save on the days of flight, a kind of state legal protection against warnings would like to start. And the saved discussion time, who is to fly where often where often where to fly, love more importantly speaking.B. About the warning practice.

PS: Despite persistent begging and nervous, T ********* S PR department refused permission to set the broadcasting spot as sound file on this page. Obviously, the only intended epithet for T ********* "Tiiiiiiieeeef" – The PR department seems a connotation with "intelligent" Etc. to hold for paging.

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