The three riders of academic apocalypse

Interview with Bastian Greshake from the Pirate Party to Bachelor, Masters and Studies

Bastian Greshake studies in Munster life sciences and is candidate of pirates for the North Rhine-Westfalian state parliament. In his party, he focuses on educational policy, whereby, among other things, he coordinates the nationwide working group Open Access.

Mr. Greeshake – the student protests rolled out of Austria are considered Web 2.0 movement, basically organized via Twitter and Facebook. Mix the pirate party with? Bastian Greshake: That we are pirates online well, the fewest surprise was allowed. And of course we also mix with the protests. Many of our members are not only involved in the protests, but tweet about what happened and blogs like the fingers wound. Of course, the basal-networked approach of protests, we find big, because this shows that the idea of direct democracy of the Pirate Party works. There was no central starter here, but the movement has emerged from the middle of the affected self-rigorous and excellently networked. Uni burns is thus a prime example of how new media will be responsible for our company. Which concrete educational goals are there? Bastian Greshake: On the subject of universities is the same as the topic of students on the tray. Education is a human right – and we commit ourselves that this is finally implemented. This is also of the free access to education. Regardless of the social layer and its own financial resources. One should not lose sight of the society as a whole most benefit from free access to knowledge and education. Because the change to the information society is no longer stopping, and the only resource that will remain in Germany on a long-range view are knowledge and skills. The chance to participate in it, we have to act as a society – especially by political side – everyone. Not only students – against which we clearly speak – are this development in the way. It already starts in the schools, keyword teaching aids. If it is no longer possible to participate in children of low-earners, easily participate in school life, can no longer be speech by equal opportunities. Already here it is necessary. Another coarse problem, both schools and universities, represents the second basket of copyright novel. Property can only be made access to almost priceless sums in universitat libraries. Where something was allowed to access via library loan, analogue copies of the works must now be present. Here flexible models are required, which meet the needs of students. The current model benefits a small part of providers during it teachers, lecturers and also schoolers and students is incredibly difficult to get to know and distribute knowledge. As the last point where we see urgent need of improvement, I also liked the complex media competence. The handling of new media is no longer part of our modern world, and yet this handling is still taught much too little. Neither in the schools nor in the universities. There is no better way to face rough mistakes, be it crimetat in the network or even the uploading of party photos on which the drunk friends are to be seen to protect as a good knowledge about what you are doing. Bastian Greshake. Photo: Tobias Heyermann. License: CC-by 3.0 Studies with half-day job was fruely trouble-free, after the introduction of standard periods of study difficult and after the period of office by Bachelor and Master no longer possible. Which sense do such control hours and disciplines actually have when the situation previously allowed relatively easily, which is always propagated: lifelong learning? Bastian Greshake: This impact was certainly a good part, similar to the introduction of the regular study times, of the fear that the German students spend too long at the university and then no more opportunities in the international labor market have no chances. Unfortunately, the point of lifelong learning is tilted in the middle of the way and lost his eyes completely. Interestingly, this changeover to Bologna did not bring success, which one hoped. The economy is not yet set to the new system in most areas, and in the fewest disciplines you have the chance to get a place with a bachelor. The fact that almost every student has to make his master, the study time usually did not tang up as aware of it, but rather wanted to be studied for a long time. And the access notice to the Master’s degree wents does not just lead to the fact that you are invading the labor market faster. That the decision and thus a lack of time for a half-day job – together with the degrees of study – leads to the fact that many people take the opportunity to complete a degree in studying is, of course, another coarse problem and something that can not be accepted. You have the impression that the Bologna conversions and similar "Reform" recent years almost rejected from whole academic operation. Professors complain, for example, completely nonsensical "Target agreements", They drove that they also accept idiots as a doctoral students and forcing good students to divers a dissertation, even if they are not finished yet. All deteriorations that have been introduced in recent years. Who puts their view behind this burial wave? The Bertelsmannstiftung alone can hardly be – or yet? Bastian Greshake: The reforms of recent years, Bologna ahead, are started with a dare target: the comparability of benefits and financial statements in Europe. But it became a clear case of "The opposite of well done is well meant". We have got an extremely strong burial of all university, under which not only professors and students have suffered, but also passed completely to the reality of most universities. Not to mention the students who are now compelled in artificial timetable and now no longer have the opportunity to realize their inclinations during their studies. Thanks to access notifications, attendance obligations and Co it has become almost impossible to horen lectures that do not belong to their own timetable. And even the standardization must be skeptical. The goal of comparability and uniformity was also missed to the coarse part. Here there is still a lot of catching up. If their tableability has proven to be in practice, and Bachelor, Masters and Studies now stand up as the riders of the academic Apocalypse, who stuck to them then? Bastian Greshake: Studies are a convenient alternative to woven and landing to save money, as it is lacking why many still want to stick to it. You have to say that so flat. Of course, it is happy to be given that the bonds are only spent on improving the teaching. But in the end, many universities are thus just considering water that at all a teaching operation can be maintained. In doing so, this would be the original task of the federal government and countries, so steal yourself from the responsibility. The effects of the Bologna process, such as an end-of-end study time, as well as the lack of acceptance on the part of the economy, are unfortunately known only now – slowly – in a full extent of a broader mass. And politics and press are currently reacting to the protest that has formed itself. And the problems have long been ignored. We have to access a real university and away from the educational machine we have currently. By switching to the Bachelor master system, self-determined learning is completely lost, as well as the possibility to learn interdisciplinary – outside the timetable -. After consulting the initiative more democracy, referendums are a suitable means of discussing the design of the education system as well as the design of the education system. If there is a possibility to implement Liquid Democracy in practice? Bastian Greshake: The step toward more transparency, and thus – in the next step – the chance to participate in education is a more important. As long as the head of the involved politics is made, decisions are made to their needs. Therefore, it is important to integrate them directly into the decisions. Loving also with direct democracy. Whether the child is now referring to referendum or Liquid Democracy, there is no matter in the first step. Decisive is that the affected people can decide on the spot.

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