The shock strategy and the epidemic of anti-donald syndrome (ads)

The shock strategy and the epidemic of Anti-Donald Syndrome (ADS)

Real Game of Thrones

In the Real Game of Thrones are the events. What has been recorded in the chronicles, find out here.

The prohibition of entry, with which Konig Donald travelers from seven countries want to keep away from his exceptionalist empire for 90 days, still stabbed sharp protests. Not only in the city of Konigreich, even abroad, there were rough anti-Donald demonstrations.

This spell, which the new one has pronounced, ensures very much inferiority than the bombs, which his transactions had detained exactly about these countries for years. Konig Obama was known to be 26 in the last year of service.172 brought out and thus to a personal record, but against these bombs almost nowhere was demonstrated. Similarly, the situation is also the most violently criticized migration policy of Donalds, which is how chronists of the Konigreich have now found out a plagiarism. Donald had at a 20-year-old speech of Bill "Free Willy" Clinton serves against which at that time neither "Pussyhats" Still otherwise protested.

So the new one continues what his transactions on behalf of "nation", "freedom" and "Value" of the Exceptionalistic Konigreich have done in front of him. Most recently, he did a 8-year-old Madchen, whose anterior brother had previously fallen to an Obama drone, but under Donald, these operations are now in such a horror that even individual 8-year murder victims receive attention worldwide.

That of w. proclaimed and continued by Obama "Was on terror" already produced 1.5 million bodies – including many children – was and is not a topic. Because now that is "monster" Donald. The former news magazine shows him as a bloody head cutter. Why does Monstros and terrible affect him, which was previously considered normal and acceptable? Only on the oak hornmark hairstyle of the new Konig can not be that …

The shock strategy and the epidemic of Anti-Donald Syndrome (ADS)

Cover of the current mirror output

One reason may be that Donald has created with the entire guild of the heroldes and speakers. "You are fake news!" He had called for a herald of CNN because this organization had published Uble-see alleged orgies of Donalds in the capital of ultrabosis. Then he had relied all the staff of his government to do this bean no more interviews. Even if he is in classical tradition – Konig Obama ignored for example "Fox", And also the famous King Kohl, the drawing father of Konigin Angela, the one "pear" named and the "Bimb" had to be fed, never talked to the "mirrors" – So Donalds Boykott is now as "unseen" looked at.

To answer the question, why among Donald is terribly bad, which was previously considered normal, we once again have to go down to the depths of the state, to the invisible masters of the intelligence, which as a shadow player and stripping puller for decades the thread in the consumer in the Hand and have occurred for those with Donald’s election victory one of the largest inflation. A throne, which does not come from your Think Tank Land "cowboy", who in the well-enhanced domanes of the "Yankee"-Revered is broken and that seems to make it that "swamp" drying. Not the superficial of the oligarchs and plutocrats, to which he is obvious and at which is also a little different among Donald and at least the staff changes, but the underground marsh of the depthstate, from whose existence most people in the consolation actually nothing did not know about anything.

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